An Astrologer Explains How Your Zodiac Sister Sign Complements You

Even in astrology, opposites attract — and to prove it, each zodiac sign is paired with its sister counterpart. Just like elements or modalities, which are groupings based on your temperament and motivators, your zodiac sign is coupled with a sister sign, with which you share values and dispositions. You simply have a different way of communicating them. Understanding these groupings can be a lifesaver when you want to know if you're compatible with someone, but learning the counterbalance between you and your sister sign is a great way to better understand yourself, too.

What Are Sister Signs in Astrology?

"Sister signs are two signs that are opposite of each other, or six signs away," TikTok astrologer Astrodim tells POPSUGAR. "When you see that an astrological aspect is opposite, it's generally referring to sister signs — planets that are 180 degrees away from each other. Sister signs are of the same modality but a different element. This means their expression is similar, but the driver to their action is different. However, elements of sister signs tend to be agreeable."

These key similarities and dissimilarities play a huge role in the dynamic of your sister sign. Your zodiac's modality — fixed, cardinal, or mutable — refers to a shared initiative or behavioral style. On the other hand, your sister sign comes from a different element. So while you share a similar view on, say, a project, the way you express that view or execute your plans will be different.

"Oftentimes, sister signs may not get along, but it's usually because one sister is expressing what the other sister feels they can't," Astrodim explains. That's because while your sister sign is matched with an agreeable element — like fire with air signs and water with earth signs — that may complement each other, one sign lacks where the other thrives, so it can cause friction between how to achieve a certain goal. "There might be misunderstandings between sister signs at first, but it's possible for there to be some compromise," Astrodim says. "They are more alike than they think!" Read on to learn more about every zodiac sign's sister-sign pairing.

Capricorn Sister Sign

Capricorn's sister sign is sensitive and intuitive Cancer. They're cardinal signs, so they take action on their goals. However, Capricorns are on the analytical side, while Cancers lean more on their emotions.

Aquarius Sister Sign

Rebellious Aquarius's sister sign is self-assured and warmhearted Leo. These signs belong to the fixed modality, meaning they're self-sufficient and firm in their values. Aquarians can work independently while valuing the concept of community, while Leos don't waver in their personal self-value.

Pisces Sister Sign

Pisces's sister sign is organized Virgo. Both are mutable signs, making them flexible. Pisces go with the flow of their emotions and bubbly imagination, while Virgos can adapt to practical matters like a change in schedule or unexpected encounters.

Aries Sister Sign

Aries zodiac signs are paired with sister sign Libra. "While these signs are both initiators, Aries initiates things out of passion and motivation, while Libra initiates because of logic and just wanting to know why something happens," Astrodim explains.

Taurus Sister Sign

Highly logical Taurus is paired with intuitive Scorpio. "Taurus is fixated over practicality and the material world, while Scorpio is fixated on emotion," Astrodim says.

Gemini Sister Sign

"Gemini and Sagittarius signs are both changeable. On one hand, Gemini changes because of logic or new information, while for Sagittarius, change comes because of their motivations and passions," Astrodim explains.

Cancer Sister Sign

"Cancer and Capricorn are sister signs that are both initiators. However, Cancer initiates based on their feelings and emotions, while Capricorn initiates for practical and material reasons," Astrodim explains.

Leo Sister Signs

"Both Leo and Aquarius are fixated on something. Leo is fixated over passion and motivation, while Aquarius is fixated on logic, thought, and information," Astrodim says.

Virgo Sister Sign

"Virgo and Pisces are both changeable, but Virgo changes because of material or practical reasons, and Pisces changes because their feelings and emotions changed," Astrodim says.

Libra Sister Sign

Socialite Libra's sister sign is competitive Aries. Both signs are leaders at heart, but Aries tend to take authoritative charge, while Libras are diplomatic, often working as a peacekeeper.

Scorpio Sister Sign

Private and secretive Scorpio's sister sign is Taurus. These signs are both fixed, so they're stable and persistent. On one hand, Scorpios will pursue intimacy from others, and on the other, Taureans are firm in their personal comfortability.

Sagittarius Sister Sign

Sagittarius's sister sign is chatty and deep thinker Gemini. Both share a mutable modality, so they're both free-spirited, but Sagittarius can be focused on one goal, while Gemini floats between objectives.