8 Hilarious and Informative Astrology Accounts You Should Be Following on TikTok

If you're already on astrology TikTok, then you're aware that the best creators always love to make funny compilations or incorporate the latest trend into their zodiac-related content. Even though some people prefer to indulge in astrology through apps like CoStar, or through zodiac meme accounts on Instagram, TikTok astrology is finding more popularity each day due to its diverse range of creators and content. Whether you're looking to understand your chart more thoroughly, or just want light hearted content that you can relate to, here are a few TikTok astrology accounts that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.



Indigo Selah-Jael, @witti.indi on TikTok, is a student astrologer who uses her platform to make informative videos and lighthearted content about astrology. Not only is her content easily digestible for those who are just getting into astrology, but she also explains how signs relate to each other, how they move through the world, and the misconceptions that are associated with certain signs.



Stefan James, @starsignedits on TikTok, is a London-based content creator. His TikToks mainly fall under the compilation format and focus on how each sign would react to different situations. If you're looking for lighthearted and entertaining zodiac content, this account is definitely worth following.



Nick Grigolia, the man behind @zodiacboyfriend, has one of the most appealing TikTok astrology pages since he uses trending sounds and challenges to create hilarious zodiac content. Examples of these include using the three looks sound from Jenna Marbles, or the original Powerpuff Girls theme song, to create hysterical astrology TikToks that still highlight what makes each sign unique.



Aziza Marshall, @i.amaziza on TikTok, is a Belizean content creator who makes entertaining astrology content that shows how signs would react in situations like being outshined as the life of the party, being considered toxic, and even being told to be more vulnerable by their partner. If you're someone who believes that your zodiac sign accurately represents you, you'll definitely relate to a lot of the TikToks on this account.



Cole Prots, @jkitscole on TikTok, is a well-known comedy astrologer with over three million followers on the platform. A lot of his content ranks every sign in an assortment of categories. From the shadiest signs to signs that are most likely to get in a fight at a children's sporting event, @jkitscole truly covers it all.



Sherry Nguyen, @stfusherry on TikTok, makes zodiac content that focuses on how signs react to different sex and relationship situations. On top of the affairs of the heart, her TikToks also follow viral trends and contain a ton of pop culture references. Her account is the platform's equivalent of hanging out in your cool older sister's room — informative and relatable in the best way.



@AstrologybyMari is a TikTok account where you can get an in-depth analysis of each sign. Some of his TikToks include which sign pairings (in his opinion) aren't romantically compatible, or which signs you do not want to ask to take you back. With such a variety of topics and an excellent sense of humor, you'll learn more about your own sign and get some laughs out of it too.



@Aesthetic11113, offers a combination of pop culture and zodiac content. The TikToks on this page that are astrology-focused use video clips or photos of celebrities to show how specific signs would act in certain situation. If you're interested in learning more about the signs while watching your favorite entertainers, this is a great page to check out.