8 Hilarious and Accurate Astrology Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Want a Good Laugh

Long gone are the days of horoscopes only being available in newspapers and magazines. In order to get your astrology fix now, you can look just about anywhere, including Instagram. Since Co-Star gained popularity a few years ago, there has been a spike in meme astrology brands. These Instagram pages tell people what's written in the stars for them every month while also making them laugh and sometimes question their life decisions. These accounts use internet humor, memes, and nostalgia to make astrology widely relatable and just straight-up comical. Whether you are getting a read on your zodiac sign or want to see what the stars hold for you this month, these Instagram accounts will make sure you get a good laugh.



KnowTheZodiac was started by Dossé-Via, a West African astrologer who has been in the field for 15 years. The account is run by a team of women of color and offers readings and insights on all 12 of the zodiac signs using funny internet memes and aesthetically pleasing graphics.



Not All Geminis is your prime destination for hilarious astrology content. The biggest pull of the page are the relatable memes that still manage to provide a fair amount of insight on the zodiac and other astrological placements and events.



Astrowonders does a great job of mixing astrology content and pop culture to create funny, relatable posts. Odds are you'll be sending these posts to your friends all the time.



One of the more serious of the astrology meme accounts, Sancturarywrld uses eye-catching and colorful graphics to show the funniest traits of each zodiac sign. The posts are uniform in appearance, which gives the whole page a cool color scheme while still being uniquely hilarious.



Don't let the fact that Jakesastrology is run by a 20-something man mislead you. The page caters to everyone who appreciates a good astrology pun.



If you've ever wondered what the nutrition facts would look like if your sign were a snack, Kayxstars has got you covered. These quirky graphics almost make you forget about the harsh truths about your zodiac, which can be a welcome relief sometimes.



You're guaranteed to relate to almost every post about your zodiac on Thezodiacstea. Even if you don't, you'll probably be laughing anyway.



Rudeastrology is a little more catered to astrology buffs who really know their stuff. You'll definitely have more fun with this page if you know your entire birth chart. And even if you don't know all your placements in depth, like the account's bio says, "it's chill," so stay for the laughs anyway.