Big Brands Tweet About 9/11: Shameless Self-Promotion or Respectful Remembrance?

People are commemorating the 13th anniversary of 9/11 the way this generation knows best: on social media. Users are remembering the day with photos and quotes on social media sites like Twitter, and certain large companies (including a sex-toy company) decided to take part — but not without some serious backlash from those who felt they were using a tragedy as an opportunity to self-promote. Many of the brands, including Hobby Lobby, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Yuengling Brewery, made sure that their logos appeared on their heartfelt tweets. Companies like Build-a-Bear, Timehop, and CVS, who also had their logos front and center, have since deleted their tweets after they saw Twitter users' reactions. Should brands opt out of participating in the commemoration of 9/11 and other similar events? See some of the tweets below, and decide what you think.