This "Floating Paradise" in Fiji Is a Fantasy Come to Life

Picture this: you're surrounded by shockingly blue water and coral reef, floating on a double-decker boat in the bright sunshine with a cold, cold drink in hand. It sounds like a fantasy, but if you head to Cloud 9 in Fiji, it is a very real and very beautiful reality. The "floating paradise" is a two-level floating platform you boat out to from the main island of Fiji. Director of Social and Partnerships at POPSUGAR Stacy Hersher had the chance to spend a day on Cloud 9, and she said that it was what vacation dreams are made of.

"Since it was our last day [in Fiji], we knew this was our only shot to experience Cloud 9. It was $100 to get there but, since we hadn't paid for any other excursions during the trip, we figured it was meant to be. It is a glorious 2-level boat sitting in the middle of crystal blue waters. The boat itself has a pizza oven, full bar, and day beds on both the lower and upper levels. Surrounding the Cloud 9, just past the crystal clear turquoise water, is some of the best snorkeling you can find. And you can literally jump off the boat, from either level, and go snorkel. Bored of snorkeling? Just swim back and relax in the sun or the shade, it's totally up to you. We spent hours at Cloud 9, in and out of the water, drinking beers, eating pizza, and making new friends from around the world."

If a trip to Fiji is on your bucket list, then add Cloud 9 to your itinerary — you can book day trips from the mainland, and many hotels in the area offer trips to Cloud 9, too. See the stunning images ahead, and be ready for your jaw to hit the floor.