You Can Visit the Home of the Biggest (and Most Beautiful) Crystals in the World

Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or are just understandably amazed by their otherworldly beauty, the Crystal Castle needs to be on your travel bucket list.

Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens is a retreat that began as "Australia's first direct importer . . . of quality natural crystals from around the world, supplying wholesale crystals around Australia, from the hills of Mullumbimby." But locals wanted in on the action, so limited crystal trading became open to the public. Over the past 30 years, Naren King has scoured the world for the most remarkable — and largest — crystals out there. King even mortgaged the property to procure what are believed to be some of the biggest crystals in the world from Uruguay, like a 5.5-meter amethyst geode, large enough for a person to sit inside and potentially 120 million years old.

Today, people can visit the grounds of the Crystal Castle to take tours of the Shambhala Garden, take crystal and "music of the plants" workshops, and participate in the Crystal Castle Peace Experience, which is described as a "nurturing sound healing meditation" and occurs every afternoon. There is an "enchanted cave" to explore, and guests can take aura photos and have their tarot read. Check out the beautiful photos from Instagram ahead, and dream of the spiritual Australian getaway.