Disney World Is Now Renting Out Cabanas in the Magic Kingdom — Are They Worth the Cost?

Disney World is undeniably a magical place, but after hours in the heat dodging other park-goers and waiting in lengthy lines, the idea of a cool spot to escape the crowds is pretty appealing. Walt Disney World is now renting out cabanas to guests who are willing to shell out a pretty solid chunk of change, but are they worth it? Here are all the details released so far about the new cabanas.

What are the cabanas?
The cabanas are private shaded areas that hold up to eight people, where guests can go to relax, eat, and escape the crowds.

Where are they located?
They're in the Magic Kingdom near Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. The cabanas are in a "tailgate-sized" area, similar to what you can rent at Disney's water parks.

What are the amenities?
There will be safes where you can store your belongings, charging stations, sunscreen and bug spray available, and food and drink options.

How much will the cabanas cost?
The Magic Kingdom price is (after tax) $691 for the full day. Guests can already call and reserve cabanas for future visits, although they are not available to actually use quite yet.