11 Adorable DIY Disney Costumes For BFFs

Two Disney-lovers are always better than one! For Halloween, grab your best friend and dress as one of your favorite duos from Disney and Pixar. Whether you choose a classic pair like Pooh and Piglet or newer characters like Elsa and Anna, everyone will love your bestie ensembles. Check out our favorite choices that are easy to DIY!


Ariel and Sebastian

A bikini and green piece of fabric effortlessly complete Ariel's look. Wear all red for Sebastian, and glue construction-paper eyeballs onto a headband.


Anna and Elsa

The braided hairstyles are key for each sister. A long blue dress (think your old prom gown) works for Elsa, and a burgundy cape will complete Anna's look.


Woody and Buzz

Woody is easy to re-create with a cowboy hat, boots, and a vest. Make Buzz's outfit with a green tank top and white buttons. Use hot glue and felt to add the details to each look.


Sully and Mike

This comfy ensemble requires a turquoise shirt and green shirt. Paint or glue one big eyeball onto the Mike costume. Sully simply needs purple spots!


Tiana and Mama Odie

Tiana's waitress costume is spot-on when you wear a yellow dress and white apron. For Mama Odie, wear sunglasses, a loose white dress, big gold earrings, and a white scarf around your head.


Sully and Boo

Blue spots, blue hair, and blue everything will perfect your Sully costume. Boo's look is even easier — wear pigtails and an oversize pink shirt.


The Incredibles

Wear red tights, red shirts, and black shorts. Use an old black top to cut out masks. Yellow fabric paint is a great choice for making an "i" on your chest.


Tiana and the Frog

Use a pretty green dress you have to embody Tiana. Top it off with a tiara. The frog should also be wearing all green. We love this pair!


Pooh and Piglet

These classic characters both require ears that you can make out of felt and glue to a headband. Pooh needs a basic red t-shirt and yellow bottoms. For Piglet, you can rock an entirely pink outfit. You're done!



This may seem tricky, but it's truly not. For WALL-E, wear goggles, put dirt on your clothes, and hold a small plant. For EVE, wear modern white clothes and a plant pin on your chest.


Bambi and Thumper

It's time to take out those bunny ears! Wear them with drawn-on whiskers to be Thumper. For a Bambi costume, you should wear brown clothes, deer makeup, and antlers in your hair. You can use twigs to create the little antlers.