47 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Couples

Halloween isn't just for pumpkin-shaped candy, DIY makeup, and decorating your home with Halloween decor. If you're in any kind of relationship, the Oct. 31 holiday also calls for Instagram-worthy couples costumes that are funny, supercute, and oozing with creativity.

Regardless of how long you've been with your partner, committing to a Halloween couples' costume means the options are pretty much endless, giving you the options to dress up as TV characters, funny puns, and iconic duos. Whether you and your significant other like to plan ahead or you always throw something together at the last minute, these DIY halloween costumes for couples will inspire you to go for the gold during the costume contest. The best part? Not only are these outfit ideas easy to make yourself, but they will also earn you major creativity points.

So if you're planning to dress up with your partner but have no idea what to wear, you can get some sweet (or scary) inspiration ahead. Trust, 2023 will be a hard year to top when you wear these DIY couples costumes.

Oh, last thing: don't worry if you don't have a romantic partner — these costumes can absolutely work with a best friend, sister, or random Tinder date. No need to be in a five-year-long relationship to choose one of these options.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Haley Lyndes


DIY Couples' Costume: Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm From "The Flintstones"

These "Flintstones" costumes use clothes you already have or old ones you don't mind tearing up.

What you need to do: for Pebbles, wear a green shirt and black shorts. For Bamm-Bamm, wear a gray shirt, tie an orange shirt (with scalloped ends) around the waist, and wear shorts. Get black felt, cut out the shapes, and stick them to your clothes using a hot glue gun or tape.


DIY Couples' Costume: Soap and Loofah

Make a clean statement in this costume.

What you need to do: for the soap, grab a box and some paint (for the logo). For the loofah, get a dress, some netting, and safety pins. These step-by-step instructions will help make sure you're on the right track.


DIY Couples' Costume: Dora and Diego From "Dora the Explorer"

Who says cartoons are only for kids?

What you need to do: channel your inner child with these brightly colored outfits. All you need are a backpack and the same-colored clothing as Dora and Diego, which may already be in your closet.


DIY Couples' Costume: Cowboys

Bring the wild, wild West to life.

What you need to do: the keys to this outfit are plaid shirts and denim, which you can easily buy at any thrift shop or borrow from friends and family members. To add some flair, wear a cowboy hat and boots.


DIY Couples' Costume: Filter and No Filter

Instagram is officially a costume!

What you need to do: have one person decorate themselves as a filter, while the other remains filterless. Make it obvious with cute signs. This costume, in particular, is extremely easy to DIY. Simply wear something nude, top it off with a flower crown to double as a "filter," and enjoy!


DIY Couples' Costume: Tooth and Tooth Fairy

Don't forget the dollar bills.

What you need to do: you'll need pillows, sheets, and thick white thread. To put together the costume, the steps are outlined through photos here.


DIY Couples' Costume: Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris From "Saved by the Bell"

Channel your '90s lovers Kelly and Zack.

What you need to do: have someone dress up as Kelly in a Bayside Tigers sweatshirt and have the other partner wear a blond wig, pink shirt, and acid-washed denim jacket. Or just get matching Bayside Tigers tanks or shirts, and wear matching red shorts.


DIY Couples' Costume: Jane and Tarzan

Channel the king of the jungle and his love interest.

What you need to do: fasten a wrap around your body for Tarzan. For Jane, wear a yellow or khaki dress.


DIY Couples' Costume: Zombies

Knock 'em dead.

What you need to do: wear white clothes you don't mind getting red paint on. To complete the zombie look, follow these makeup steps.


DIY Couples' Costume: '70s Couple

Tie-dye never looked so hip.

What you need to do: dig up your old tie-dyed shirts or make your own. Complete with any fringed accessories and a headband. Don't forget the peace signs when taking photos.


DIY Couples' Costume: Daenerys and Drogo From "Game of Thrones"

A short-lived, but badass couple.

What you need to do: for Daenerys, get brown fabric and fasten it however you want. If you're not a natural blonde, either dye your hair or get a blond wig. For Drogo, rub on some dark eye shadow and draw fake tattoos. Wear the same brown fabric complete with a golden coin belt.


DIY Couples' Costume: USB Port and Flash Drive

For the techies.

What you need to do: for the port, wear a black dress. Use felt or paper materials to make the signs. For the flash drive, paint a cardboard box all black. Use aluminum foil as the the top of the USB.


DIY Couples' Costume: Miss Frizzle and The Magic School Bus

A fun throwback.

What you need to do: paint a cardboard box to look like the bus and use suspenders to wear it over a yellow shirt. For Miss Frizzle, wear a blue dress with space pattern or cut out planets and stars and tape onto the dress.


DIY Couples' Costume: Minnie and Mickey Mouse

For the classic Disney couple.

What you need to do: wear matching ears, black tops, and red bottoms. To make the Mickey Mouse gloves, print out this traceable paper.


DIY Couples' Costume: Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat

Your favorite childhood duo comes to life.

What you need to do: for Curious George, wear an all-brown outfit with monkey ears (pin or sew onto an old headband). For The Man in the Yellow Hat, dress in yellow pants with a yellow tie, and top it off, of course, with a hat!


DIY Couples' Costume: Rock Stars

Channel your inner rock star. What you need to do: pick up some face paint and go to town. For the outfits, any all-black ensemble works. Finish off the rock star look with fake guitars and you're good to rock 'n' roll.


DIY Couples' Costume: Deer and Hunter

Don't worry, the hunter won't hurt you. What you need to do: DIY each of these costumes in simple ways. Dress as the deer by wearing a long tan t-shirt paired with military green jeans and an antler headband. For the hunter, simply wear something camouflage and pair it with a baseball hat that matches.


DIY Couples' Costume: Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps From "Zootopia"

Anyone can create these characters! What you need to do: to become Nick Wilde, simply dress in khakis, a short-sleeve green collar shirt, a tie, and fox ears. For Judy Hopps, dress as a police officer and complete the look with bunny ears.


DIY Couples' Costume: Aladdin and Jasmine From "Aladdin"

Discover a whole new world! What you need to do: to become the iconic duo, it doesn't have to be as complicated as it looks. For Aladdin, wear a purple vest with white sweatpants. For Jasmine, wear a teal blue skirt paired with a matching off the shoulder crop top.


DIY Couples' Costume: Evil Puppet Master and Puppet

A costume contest winner. What you need to do: For the evil puppet master, dress in dark and dingy clothes like a white blouse, corset, and black top hat. Pair your outfit with a dark makeup look, and create puppet ties out of popsicle sticks and string. For the puppet, wear a tattered skirt, a black bustier, and complete it with strings attached to the puppet master's marionette.


DIY Couples' Costume: "This Is America" by Childish Gambino

"This is America (woo, ayy)" — Childish Gambino. What you need to do: transform into Childish Gambino and America in his hit music video "This Is America" in a quick two steps. Step one: one person wears khakis, step two: the other wears an American flag t-shirt. Super easy!


DIY Couples' Costume: Tonya and Nancy From "I, Tonya"

Ready to skate? What you need to do: Become Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan in a way that's super easy to DIY. All you need are tights, white and blue dresses, and blonde and brunette hair.


DIY Couples' Costume: Dead Scooby Doo and Daphne

Ruh roh! What you need to do: for Scooby Doo, brown overalls and dog ears do the trick. Complete the costume with dark makeup to make it look as if he's risen from the dead. For Daphne, all that's needed is an all purple dress paired with a black belt and dark makeup. Don't forget to add the white headband for a finishing touch!


DIY Couples' Costume: Sailors

"Aye aye, Captain." What you need to do: sailor stripes are always welcome, but the most important part is the sailor hat. Wear matching hats and either a white collared shirt or a striped shirt for a complete look.


DIY Couples' Costume: Mama Odie and Tiana From "The Princess and the Frog"

"Not bad for a 197-year-old blind lady!"

What you need to do: Mama Odie is the best character from "The Princess and the Frog." To re-create her look, wear a white dress with a white towel wrapped around your head, and add a fake snake toy as an accessory. Be Tiana by wearing a green dress, and feel free to add light green hair accessories. Now get ready to find your frog.


DIY Couples' Costume: Danny and Sandy From "Grease"

"Tell me about it, stud" — Sandy. What you need to do: test out a different type of Danny and Sandy costume this year and re-create the pair from the beginning of the movie! For Danny, dress like a track start with shorts, long socks, and a t-shirt that represents his high school pride. For Sandy, wear a cheerleading ensemble with a big R for Rydell.


DIY Couples' Costume: Lola and Bugs Bunny From "Space Jam"

Want to be on the dream team?

What you need to do: wear a long white jersey with the team name "Tune Squad" written on it. Throw on some bunny ears and sneakers, and you're ready to play ball.


DIY Couples' Costume: Napoleon and Deb From "Napoleon Dynamite"

"Gimmie some of your tots" — Napoleon. What you need to do: for Napoleon, wear jeans, a "vote for Pedro" shirt, and glasses. For Deb, wear a pink striped collared shirt, jeans, a fanny pack, and don't forget to tie your hair in a side ponytail.


DIY Couples' Costume: '80s Workout Buddies

Who says the '80s is over? What you need to do: wear high rise socks, headbands, leggings, and brightly colored sweat gear. If you have long hair, put it up in a cute side pony.


DIY Couples' Costume: Wendy and Squints From "The Sandlot"

"You're killing me, Smalls!"

What you need to do: deep dive into this year's Halloween costume when you dress up as Wendy and Squints. For Wendy, wear a red one-piece bathing suit with white-rimmed sunglasses and pull your hair back. To be Squints, wear a striped shirt, thick black glasses, and a black hat.


DIY Couples' Costume: Tiana and Prince Naveen From "The Princess and the Frog"

Not to be confused with the earlier costume idea from "The Princess and the Frog," this costume is all about Tiana and Prince Naveen. What you need to do: to be Tiana, wear a long-sleeve yellow dress with a white apron, and tie your hair back into a bun or ponytail. To be Prince Naveen, throw on your best brown sweater vest over a white shirt and complete the look with brown pants and a newspaper boy hat. Don't forget the guitar!


DIY Couples' Costume: Wonder Woman and Thor

For all the super awesome couples out there.

What you need to do: to dress up like Wonder Woman, wear a tight red shirt and blue star-printed shorts. Complete your look with high red boots and a gold headband wrapped across your forehead. For Thor, wear a dark brown shirt (or not), pair it with a red cape, and let your long hair flow down your back. Now you're ready to take on the world.


DIY Couples' Costume: The Scooby Doo Crew

Looks like we've got another mystery on our hands.

What you need to do: to dress up as this iconic bunch, you'll need to have each person copy their favorite character's look (double date!). Whoever dresses up as Shaggy needs to wear a green shirt and brown pants, whoever chooses to be Velma needs to wear an orange shirt and a red skirt, Daphne should be wearing a purple dress with a green neck scarf, and Fred should plan on wearing a white shirt with light blue jeans and a small orange bowtie.


DIY Couples' Costume: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's Denim Outfits

The best outfit of the 2000s, hands down.

What you need to do: denim on denim is the way to go here. To be Britney, wear a denim dress or a denim shirt with a denim skirt. Find a sparkly necklace, and add a long blond wig. To be Justin, wear light-wash denim jeans with a denim shirt and jacket. Then, find a denim cowboy hat and throw on some brown shades.


DIY Couples' Costume: Veronica Corningstone and Ron Burgundy From "Anchorman"

Stay classy, San Diego.

What you need to do: if you want to be Veronica, find your best news-station-appropriate skirt and blouse, and lightly curl your hair. For Ron Burgundy, wear a red suit with a black turtleneck, and grab your microphone.


DIY Couples' Costume: Circus Trainers

For the couple that can't be tamed.

What you need to do: to be circus trainers, wear a nice suit or dress with a bright red blazer on top. Find a chic top hat and finish off the look with a fake whip. Pro tip: dress your pets up as circus animals.


DIY Couples' Costume: Ravenclaw and Gryffindor Students

Accio, costume!

What you need to do: if you associate with a Hogwarts house, you might as well flaunt it. Wear a blue plaid skirt or pair of pants along with a blue sweater with a large letter "R" on it to sport your love of Ravenclaw. To fit in with the Gryffindor kids, wear a red plaid skirt or pair of pants, and put a bright yellow "G" on a red sweater. Let the magic commence!


DIY Couples' Costume: Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala From "Star Wars"

This costume is out-of-this-world cool.

What you need to do: "Star Wars" fans, this one's for you. To be Padmé, find your best flow-y dress and pair it with bold silver accessories. Pull your hair back and add silver accessories to your hair. To be Anakin, you can wear black pants or a black skirt with a brown shirt and black jacket. Let's just say that the stars will align when you re-create this couples costume.


DIY Couples' Costume: A Bear and Honey

What's sweeter than this?

What you need to do: grab your honey because this costume is too cute. To be a bear, wear brown clothing with fuzzy ears, and add face paint to mimic a bear's nose. To be the pot of honey, wear all yellow and tape a little honeycomb to your shirt.


DIY Couples' Costume: King and Queen of Hearts

Right this way if you're ready to feel like royalty.

What you need to do: to make this cute costume come to life, you'll need to channel your inner king and queen. Wear an all-red outfit with a crown to be the Queen of Hearts, and be sure to add heart details and accessories to your look. To be the king, find your finest crown, and make a life-size card using cardboard and markers. Your kingdom awaits!


DIY Couples' Costume: Evil Clown Skeletons

For the couple that's gravely funny.

What you need to do: for this easy 'fit, just wear matching black shirts with white or black pants, and then get ready for the makeup! Add clown details to your eyes and make a skeleton smile across the lower half of your face. You can wear a clown hat or nose if you want to make this costume really come to life.


DIY Couples' Costume: Chip and Joanna Gaines

The craftiest costume of them all.

What you need to do: Chip and Joanna are cute, casual, and super creative. To nail Chip's look, wear blue jeans with a button-down shirt and vest, and toss on your favorite cap. Joanna rocks casual tees and jeans, so be sure to wear something along those lines and lightly curl your hair. Now it's time to fix things up!


DIY Couples' Costume: Referees

Game on.

What you need to do: dressing up as referees is easy and cute — just wear black shorts with high socks and a black-and-white striped shirt. Complete your costume with a whistle and sweatband. Let the games begin.


DIY Couples' Costume: Jurassic Park Characters

This costume is wild.

What you need to do: if you two are fans of "Jurassic Park," this costume is for you! You'll need an inflatable T-Rex outfit to really make this come to life. Once you get that part covered, have the other person dress up as a park ranger by wearing khaki shorts, a green shirt, and a tan hat. Now get out into the wild!


DIY Couples' Costume: Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons

Ready for a workout?

What you need to do: Find your best '80s workout gear (think: hot pink leggings, bright spandex, chunky leg warmers, and a colorful headband), and get ready to break a sweat. Finish off your look with sneakers and small dumbbells.


DIY Couples' Costume: The Date Is Right

Celebrate your special day.

What you need to do: instead of dressing up as "The Price Is Right," be more creative (and cute!) when you spin it to reflect your favorite date. If you and your partner are celebrating an anniversary or special day soon, you'll both love this costume. Make cute matching shirts and write the date down on pieces of cardboard. Then, strap the cardboard to your shirt or let it hang like a necklace, and you're ready to go.


DIY Couples' Costume: Tiana and Dr. Facilier From "The Princess and the Frog"

Mix good and bad, and what do you get? A couple that'll turn heads.

What you need to do: to be Tiana, wear a green dress and use flowers for outfit accents. As for Dr. Facilier, find something that's purple and black, add a hat, and stir up some trouble.