This Secret Grand Canyon Waterfall Is Simply Stunning — If You Can Get There

There's nothing more special than finding a secret spot, especially when it's in the midst of a major tourist attraction. Tucked away at mile 117 of the Grand Canyon is a waterfall whose name lives up to its magic. The trail to Elves Chasm at the Royal Arch Creek drainage isn't necessarily the easiest of treks, but the destination proves that a harder route often pays off.

Instagram user carsonlindsay said of the falls: "When most people hike up to Elves Chasm in the Grand Canyon, they stop at the first waterfall. But if you continue up with a little bit of exposed traversing, it gets better and better. You journey up past a few more smaller waterfalls . . . until you end up in a huge, lush, elven amphitheater filled with ferns, huge boulders and a little bit of magic."

Travelers can jump off the falls and take a dip in the swimming hole at its base. The Hiking Project says that getting to Elves Chasm via the riverside trail is "quite a bit more time-consuming than the mileage would suggest," but the site offers a detailed plan for making it to the little slice of paradise. Check out the stunning photos of the falls ahead, and plan your next trip to the Grand Canyon!