The Disney Princesses Look Impossibly Chic Reimagined as Modern-Day Fashionistas

Instagram | nastya_kosyanova

Princess Belle's voluminous yellow dress. Cinderella's blue ballgown and matching gloves. Princess Jasmine's teal two-piece set. Each of the Disney princesses has their own signature outfits we've come to know and love, but have you ever imagined them wearing something a tad more, er, modern? Russian artist Anastasia Kosyanova does just that, giving female Disney movie characters a contemporary wardrobe makeover.

Using a digital illustration app called Procreate on her iPad, Anastasia redraws the Disney princesses in chic clothes that are a far cry from their movie outfits, matching each one with a high-end fashion brand like Moschino, Valentino, and Gucci. Anastasia told POPSUGAR she loved cartoons as a child and went to art school at the age of 8 to pursue her passion for drawing. Now 28, she shares her artwork — both Disney-related and not — on her Instagram account, which has garnered more than 100,000 followers to date.

Ahead, take a look at how trendy and fashion-forward the Disney princesses and other Disney movie characters look after being reimagined by Anastasia. You'll want to copy every stylish outfit IRL!