These NSFW Inflatable Skeletons Are the Halloween Decoration We Didn't See Coming

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We're not spooked, but rather . . . intrigued (and dare we say, turned on?). Is this Halloween decoration doing what we think it's doing? The Goosh Halloween Inflatable ($85) stands at about five feet tall and shows two entangled skeletons kissing. While we're all for love and affection, we can't help but feel as if we're interrupting something looking at it (and yes, we refuse to use a "boning" pun). These spooky lovers are made for your front lawn and even light up at night, so clearly the PDA doesn't bother them. The inflatable decoration comes with a blower, a storage bag, and stakes for the ground so you know it's not going to go anywhere — rain or shine.

You can find this risqué Halloween couple on Amazon, and if you're on a skeleton kick in particular, Target has a life-size gold skeleton that'll add some major drama to your haunted mansion. Check out this Halloween inflatable ahead.