TikTokers Are Flocking to Dollar Tree to DIY This Spider Web Rug For Halloween

So, you love decking out your home for the spooky season, but you hate dropping half your paycheck on overpriced decor? Same here, but luckily we have TikTok to thank for some workarounds to this common conundrum. In preparation for Halloween this year, a creative TikToker named Juliana Valencia DIY'ed an adorable spider web-shaped rug that went viral on the app, inspiring others to try the project at home. The best part? She used a mat scored at Dollar Tree, so the craft won't break the bank. Here's a quick step-by-step guide for re-creating Juliana's affordable spider web rug.

  1. Purchase a black rectangular floor mat from Dollar Tree or any similar discount store. (Here's the one Juliana appeared to use.)
  2. Draw a spider web silhouette with white fabric marker directly onto the mat.
  3. Cut about an inch away from the outside border, and use a lighter to carefully burn the edge and give it a smoother finish.
  4. Using white acrylic paint, trace over the marker lines with a paintbrush. You may want to do several coats, depending on how thick and solid you prefer the lines.
  5. If you plan to stick the mat in a high-trafficked area of your home, we suggest placing a non-slip rug pad underneath so it doesn't slide around too much.

The result is a budget-friendly dupe for similar spider web rugs that cost $20 or more and are currently sold out online due to high demand. Read ahead to watch several TikTokers roll up their sleeves and make the spooktacular mat at home, and then check out our favorite Halloween DIY ideas for more homemade decor inspiration.