We're Ready to Move Into This 7-Star Hotel in Bali With the World's Best Swimming Pool

Warning: the following information will make you want to permanently move to Bali, Indonesia.

The name of the hotel alone, Hanging Gardens of Bali, makes it sound like a place we want to be right now, but the destination itself more than lives up to your imagination. The breathtaking boutique hotel in the town of Ubud is the first of its kind to receive seven-star recognition, and it absolutely looks like it earned each star.

The property opened in 2005 with a concept of wanting to be immersed in its natural tropical environment. Guests experience that exactly, as the jungle completely surrounds the villas. For a seven-star resort, you'd assume that the rates would be unheard-of, but because the US dollar is stronger than Indonesian Rupiah ($1 roughly equates to 13,194 IDR), staying at Hanging Gardens is somewhat realistic. Rates begin at $466 for the Riverside Villa, which features a private infinity pool, a poolside gazebo, a terrazo bath, and more.

Built on a 45-degree angle, the award-winning hotel is also known for its twin-tiered cascading pool. In fact, it's even previously earned the title of "World's Best Swimming Pool" by TripAdvisor and Condé Nast Traveler, according to the site. Not only is the infinity pool stunning (and totally Instagram-worthy), but it also overlooks lush rain forests, making you feel like you're completely remote.

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