Here's What INFJs Absolutely Must Have in Order to Be Happy

INFJs are the rarest Myers Briggs personality type, so it should come as no surprise that their needs and wants are a bit specific. In order to be happy, this special type must have certain important things (and people) in their lives. We require our space (in a major way), a creative outlet, and people who we can truly trust. If you're an INFJ and you're seeking ways to be a happier version of yourself, then it's essential to understand your personality, as well as the things you do and do not want in your life in order to optimize your wellness. Here are the things INFJs love and ways they find happiness.

1. A creative outlet.

INFJs have vivid imaginations and need a creative outlet to be happy. You'll often find people with this personality type in creative jobs that also put an emphasis on caring for others; they are writers, counselors, psychologists, social workers, artists, and musicians. Having creative outlets, whether professional or personal (or both!), is essential to who INFJs are, and therefore a crucial part of their well-being.

2. Space!

As introverts, the key way that INFJs recharge is through alone time. They find happiness within themselves, but they can't do so if they're distracted by other people and energies around them. Because INFJs are often empaths who absorb the energy of others, they must be alone in order to center themselves and find their own inner joy.

3. Meaningful relationships.

Small talk and fake friends are two of the things INFJs hate the most in the world. They seek deep connections that take cultivation and time. INFJs build trust with a very small group of people, and they cherish those relationships above all else. Acquaintances don't bring them happiness: genuine friendships and strong bonds do.

4. Helping others.

With an inherent sense of idealism and morality, INFJs are often happiest when they are helping others. The type, nicknamed "the advocate," is known for fighting for what they believe in and working to ensure the well-being and equality of others. They have strong convictions and take these beliefs very seriously and feel it's their duty to do what is right. INFJs don't just dream about a better world. Their characteristic determination leads them to go out and make it so.

5. Being understood.

For an INFJ, being misunderstood is one of the most frustrating things they can experience, but because of their personalities, it can actually happen quite often. They seek deep connections with others and are extremely perceptive. However, many traits of the INFJ personality type (like the fact that they are both logical and emotional) are conflicting, which can make understanding where they're coming from hard for others. That being said, when they do feel that someone does understand them (or is at least trying to!), it brings a sense of peace to their overly analytical minds.

6. Staying true to their passions.

Determined, idealistic, and passionate. When INFJs believe in something important, they can and will pursue that goal. It goes against their nature to settle (they're perfectionists, after all) so this personality type finds happiness in the action of following their hearts and staying true to their convictions. Whether it be in the workplace or in life, INFJs are fueled and driven by their passions.

7. Reflection and self-care.

As overthinkers, perfectionists, and chronic "helpers," INFJs must remember that in order to be happy, they must also take care of themselves. Time for reflection, quiet, and space to recharge is extremely important, though often forgotten about. Passionate and sensitive, INFJs have a tendency to burn themselves out easily. It's essential to this personality type's happiness that they practice self-care frequently to avoid stress and feeling overwhelmed.