11 Affordable Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

POPSUGAR Photography
POPSUGAR Photography

Summer's here! For most, the arrival of this season marks the start of sweltering-hot weather. Not all of us can install expensive cooling systems in our homes, so here are a couple ways to beat the heat on the cheap.

  1. Cool treats. Keep cool in the Summer by indulging in icy treats and cold drinks. Indulging in an ice pop or cool beverage will help you feel cooler. There are even some delicious ice-cream alternatives that will keep you cool and healthy!
  2. DIY air conditioner. So you don't have an AC at home but you really want one. Did you know you could DIY your own for just $8? All you need is a styrofoam box, dryer vents, some ice, and a fan! Here are the instructions.
  3. Wear light clothing. It's time to start packing your thick clothing and bring out clothes that fit loosely and are made of thinner and lighter material. Make sure what you're wearing is of a lighter hue so you'll be absorbing less sunlight.
  4. Get a thinner blanket. Even though your fancy comforter matches the look of your bedroom perfectly, it's time to pack it away and get a lighter blanket that won't cause you to wake up in a sweat at night.
  5. Purchase a floor fan. Fans are a cheaper alternative to pricey air-conditioning units. If you can't install ceiling fans in your home, check out floor fans that start around $48 on Amazon.
  6. Revise your Summer 'do. Cut your hair shorter or tie it up during those hot Summer days so that your hair isn't trapping the heat by your neck.
  7. Open the windows at night. Circulate cool air at night by leaving your windows open. Avoid opening your windows during the day because you might be letting in warmer air, which may heat up your home.
  8. Spray down walls and roof. Spraying the walls and roof of your house with water can keep your home cool by cooling down the heated surfaces.
  9. Keep shades closed if there's sun. Keep your blinds or curtains closed if there's sun shining through. Pick blinds and curtains that are of a lighter color so they're reflecting heat and not absorbing it.
  10. Reduce use of appliances. Using appliances like an oven or stove can heat up your home, so try to ease up on your use. Unplug appliances when not in use because they may be emitting heat.
  11. Insulation. Better insulation not only keeps the heat in during the Winter, but it also keeps the heat out during the Summer — a win-win situation.