How Your Unique Talents Can Create Happiness Every Day

You're a snowflake, right? No one else has your personality, your smile, your talents. As clichéd as it may sound, it's all true. And what's even more fantastic is that your unique traits, your snowflake-ness, can help you build and boost your happiness levels every single day.

How can you leverage your personality to become a happier person? Take some time to reflect on the key traits of your personality, try this free survey to determine your universal character strengths, and then look through the suggestions below to see what you can do to make today a better, happier day.

Are you a brave soul?

Go on a new adventure, like caving or whitewater rafting. Be the one to tell your boss what everyone really thinks about a new office policy.

Can't check your curiosity?

Try out a restaurant you've always wondered about, or if you like to cook, tackle a new recipe. Explore a new part of your city, or visit a museum you've never been to.

Ever been called an Honest Abe?

Write a letter to a friend or relative to tell them how you feel about something that you never were able to talk about. Or tell them face to face.

Are you the leader of the pack?

Organize an outing with your friends — you know, the one you all talk about but haven't been able to make happen. At work, volunteer to head up a new project or social committee.

Do you seek justice for all?

If you witness someone being treated unfairly, step in and do something about it. Sign a petition, or write or call your congressman about an issue that needs attention.

Are you a lifelong learner?

Watch a documentary or read a book on an issue you don't know anything about. Take an online class, or join one at your local community center.

Do you have some creative powers?

Take just 30 minutes out of your day to create, whether it's drawing, writing, making music, or designing. Share something you've already created with family, friends, or colleagues or via social media, or set up an exhibition or performance.

Love to laugh it up?

Join or start a laughter club. Go to a comedy club with friends, or watch a funny movie at home with family.

Can you persevere through tough times?

Finish something you started a long time ago. Write out a detailed timeline for a new goal or a goal that you've already been working on.

Are you a giver of gratitude?

Write little notes to thank your friend/significant other/relative/colleague for something they've done or just for being who they are, and slip the notes onto their desk or in a book. Or just call them and tell them. Make a list of all the things you're thankful for in your life, and look it at every day when you wake up.

Perhaps your personality already drives you to do some of these things, but we can always do more. Make today the day that you act on your long-held idea.

Vanessa Van Edwards is a behavioral investigator and published author. She figures out the science of what makes people tick at her human behavior research lab, the Science of People. As a geeky, modern-day Dale Carnegie, her innovative work has been featured on NPR, Business Week, and CNN, and her latest CreativeLive class, The Power of Happiness, teaches you how to be a happier person every day.