22 Problems That Only Real Introverts Understand

If you're a true introvert, you're probably reading this from the confines of your favorite comfy chair, perhaps with a cup of hot tea and a good book next to you. We get that. As introverts, it's not that we can't interact with other people — in fact, some of us are quite good at it. It's that more often than not, we don't really want to. It's not you, it's us. Mostly. If you're a true introvert, you'll relate to these problems on so many levels — but don't worry, you're not alone! Actually, for you, that's probably a cause for worry . . .

1. Socializing is legitimately exhausting.

2. Too. Many. People.

3. There's A LOT going on in our heads . . .

4. Alone > around other people.

5. Talking is kind of the worst.

6. Phones were invented by demons.

7. Panic mode is often engaged when interacting with humans . . .

8. "Mingling" is basically a curse word in your book.

9. This conundrum we face:

10. And this one . . .

11. This hard truth.

12. We need to recharge our batteries . . . AWAY from you.

13. But don't worry — it's us, not you (mostly).

14. This fun fact:

15. We know our strengths. "People-ing" is not one of them.

16. Overanalyzing social situations is sort of our "thing."

17. What people think we are vs. what we are:

18. No touching, please.

19. We appreciate the simple things — but not everyone understands this.

20. On going places and stuff . . .

21. Puppies? Yes. People? No.

22. Still, we are in tune with what we want/need . . .