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Am I an Introvert?

32 Signs You're an Introvert

People are great — in small doses. I value my loved ones just like everyone else, but there are (a lot of) times when I need to retreat and recharge my energy. I'm a true introvert at heart. Introverts value their alone time, their comfort zones, and their way of doing things. They are great listeners, deep thinkers, and good judges of character. If this sounds familiar to you, you might be an introvert, too. Here are some qualities that all introverts can relate to.

  1. Crowds stress you out. Parades, concerts, big parties — these are not an introvert's idea of a good time.
  2. Your alone time is precious to you. For introverts, alone time is like the air you breathe. It's not negotiable. Introverts are often alone but rarely ever lonely.
  3. You're a great listener. Introverts listen first and speak second. This trait is especially valuable within the relationships that introverts build with friends, family, and significant others, because they are people who others feel they can come to for great advice and thoughtful dialogue.
  4. You form deep, meaningful relationships with people. You may not have a ton of friends, but you are very close to the ones you have. Extroverts are known for having multiple friend groups and a long list of engagements and events, and they generally love being around people. Introverts care less about the scope of their friend group but rather are more interested in the depth of the friendships they take the time and effort to form.
  5. You prefer hanging out with a small group of people you know. Introverts don't have that much interest in meeting new people. While this is often an extrovert's idea of a good time, introverts prefer to be surrounded by a small group of people they already know and trust.
  6. You're easily distracted. You're good at multitasking, but because there is so much going on inside your head, it's easy to get distracted and overstimulated by your environment. This is why introverts work well alone!
  7. You'd rather stay at home than go out. You are a notorious homebody. What's outside in the world that you can't create for yourself in your own home? Introverts look forward to days spent in their comfort zone, doing whatever they want for however long they want to — without distractions and without worrying about what anyone else is doing.
  8. You're able to look at the big picture. You have perspective and often think beyond the day-to-day, looking ahead to the future, to abstract situations and concepts, and to how decisions you make now will later affect you and others.
  9. You often overanalyze things. Introverts think. A lot. They agonize over every little detail of conversation from weeks before, they worry about things that haven't happened yet, they ponder concepts and theories just for the fun of it. There are always wheels turning in an introvert's mind — a trait that is both a blessing and curse.
  10. You recharge your energy when you're alone. The biggest difference between introverts and extroverts is how they recharge their energy. Extroverts seek interactions with other people to feel renewed, whereas introverts need to get away from others and renew their energy by recharging from within themselves.
  11. You hate being the center of attention. If you've ever had a surprise party thrown in your honor and still cringe at the memory of it, you're probably an introvert. You don't like for the focus to be on you at any time, and you do whatever you can to point the spotlight anywhere but on yourself.
  12. You often feel awkward during and after social interactions. Meeting new people is NOT your favorite thing. Social interactions — especially with people you don't know — are something that you generally dread. It's not that you don't like people, it's that you overanalyze the situation, and the energy it takes to be "on" during social interactions can drain you down to your last drop.
  13. Silence between you and a loved one doesn't make you uncomfortable. Many extroverts like to insert conversation into every moment, because silence seems like a waste to them. On the opposite end of the spectrum, introverts savor silence. They are happy to sit with loved ones and not speak, believing in only exerting the energy required for conversation if it's truly worth it.
  14. You're a really good judge of other people's character. Because introverts listen, avoid the spotlight, and seek meaningful relationships, they are naturally good judges of character. You have the ability to see beyond the exterior and are able to call a person's true nature pretty much from your first impression of them.
  15. Being around people drains your energy. While you are totally capable of being around people and socializing (and enjoy it!), you have a limit. After a certain period of time, you feel like your mental battery is drained. In order to recharge, you need to retreat to your comfort zone for some much-needed alone time.
  16. Your personal space is VERY important to you. Introverts love their personal space. In fact, they need it. Your personal space is a comfort zone of your own making, and you don't want anyone else encroaching on that sacred space unless you give them permission to.
  17. You usually think before you speak. Introverts are thinkers before they are talkers. You typically analyze everything in your head and sort out your thoughts and feelings before verbalizing them.
  18. You're extremely loyal to your loved ones. Because it takes a lot for you to let someone in, once you do, you are extremely loyal to your loved ones. Introverts are protective over the people they care about and are willing to walk through fire for them.
  19. You're in touch with your emotions. You are in touch with your feelings and know how to maintain a balance in your life. You're in tune with your energy level, with your emotional and mental states, and with what you want/need. You know (and understand) yourself very well.
  20. You savor your comfort zones. Introverts are open to new experiences, but they also cherish what they know. The familiarity is comforting and stabilizing to them.
  21. People mistake you for being shy. Introverts are often perceived as being shy because they are sometimes quiet and not as outwardly social as extroverts. However, many introverts aren't shy at all — they are just waiting to put time and energy into the right thing, rather than everything.
  22. You strive for success. You are driven, balanced, and independent — qualities that set you up for the success that you value.
  23. You are very decisive. You know what you like, what you don't like, what you want, and what you don't. While willing to try new things, introverts are also sure of what they know and are rarely indecisive about anything — big or small.
  24. You're independent. You play well with others, in your career, in school, and in group situations. Because introverts are great judges of character and good listeners, they are definitely able to work cooperatively. However, because they are easily distracted and overstimulated, they are more productive and successful when they work independently.
  25. You're good at thinking outside the box. A strong characteristic of introverts is their ability to think outside the box. This is especially an asset in an introvert's professional life but is also applicable outside the workplace. You are never held back by perceived limitations; you just think of another creative way around an obstacle.
  26. You absolutely hate small talk. Chit-chat feels like a colossal waste of time to introverts. Instead, you crave meaningful connections with people, with the potential for forming long-lasting relationships rather than more surface-level interactions.
  27. You feel relieved when people cancel plans. Introverts enjoy interactions with others, but they also anticipate the inevitable burnout that comes from spending too much time being "on." Because of this, you can't help but feel relieved when people cancel plans with you — it means you're off the hook.
  28. You can be intense. Introverts can sometimes take things (and themselves) pretty seriously. You love in-depth conversations, thinking critically, and theorizing about concepts in the abstract. You love reading, watching thought-provoking movies and TV shows, and overall seeking meaning in everything.
  29. You're in a close relationship or friendship with an extrovert. Extroverts are essential parts of an introvert's life, because they are very good at pulling introverts out of their shells, of persuading them to engage in activities they may not have otherwise, and of overall encouraging them to have fun and be outgoing. You are able to feed off an extrovert's energy, while still being able to retreat into yourself when you need to.
  30. You have a creative outlet of some kind. Many introverts are writers, artists, or creative in some way. Because their minds are always working and an inner dialogue is always running, a creative outlet can be extremely productive (and often necessary).
  31. You're a planner. Introverts don't usually like surprises, so they like to have a plan at all times in order to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible.
  32. You're very good at making yourself happy. You don't depend on other people to bring you joy; you're able to find joy within yourself and in the little things around you. This is one of the most valuable traits introverts possess, because they are capable of finding happiness no matter where they are and no matter who they're with.
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