This Waterfall Looks Like It's From a Fairy Tale, and People Are Obsessed

Nature really never ceases to amaze. Everywhere you turn, there's another magical secret hidden in the depths of the ocean, or up the steep slope of a mountain. Case in point: the Kanarra Creek Canyon Waterfalls. Tucked away in the Zion National Park in Utah, adventurers can hike the canyon up to two waterfalls, which block upstream travel through a narrow slot in the canyon. In some places, hikers must wade through water to continue their hike.

Narrow slots in the canyon make for absolutely stunning photos, but the real draw is the unique waterfall destinations. There's a makeshift ladder to allow hikers to climb up the Kanarraville Falls (about 15 feet high) and trek onward — if you continue past the waterfalls for another half-mile, you can even reach a swimming hole with a mossy rock that people slide down. See the stunning images below.