Airbnb Turned the Last Blockbuster Into a '90s Sleepover Spot — Here's How to Book a Stay

Dust off that blue and yellow membership card, because the last remaining Blockbuster on the planet has been transformed into an Airbnb, and it's ready to host your next sleepover. Located in Bend, OR, the trusty outpost of the bygone video rental chain has cleared a section of its well-perused shelves to set up everything you need for the perfect '90s-themed stay: a pullout couch and air mattress, a giant TV and VCR (Just remember to be kind and rewind!), bean bags and pillows for kickin' back, a corded phone (prank calls, anyone?), and yes, plenty of candy and snacks like popcorn, Gobstoppers, and Laffy Taffy.

So, how can you snag a night in the iconic establishment? Starting Aug. 17 at 1 p.m. PT, three separate overnight stays will be available to book on the Airbnb website, but you must be a resident of Deschutes County in Oregon to score one due to COVID-19 safety guidelines. The price for getting the keys to the store? Just $4, aka a penny more than the typical cost of a movie rental. If you don't live in Oregon but still want to show your support for the last Blockbuster on planet Earth, you can visit its online shop to purchase some #TBT-worthy merchandise, including a tote bag, sweatpants, keychain, and more.

Ahead, check out cool photos of the revamped store-turned-sleepover-spot for a nostalgic walk down memory lane.