This TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag Saves Me From Checking a Bag When I Travel

morfone travel toiletry case
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
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Whether you've been watching the news, keeping tabs on upcoming flights, or have just noticed friends taking to their social media to plea for help (or vent), you're probably familiar with the seemingly never-ending air-travel chaos of the last year or so. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, unruly weather, staff shortages, and an overwhelming amount of travelers — which recently set a record for the Transportation Security Administration's most-ever screened passengers in a single day, according to the agency — have been causing thousands of flight cancellations and delays plaguing air travelers both in the US and worldwide.

With horror stories of 15-hour delays and lost luggage galore, I decided to plan accordingly and take the safer route packing-wise on my most recent trip, a long-weekend visiting family and celebrating my cousin's high school graduation. I arrived at the airport super-early, opted for a personal carry-on bag, and chose to pack lighter on the liquids front, which was more than manageable with the help of my Morfone Travel Bottle Set ($17). For the last few years, this TSA-approved toiletry bag has been my key to traveling more seamlessly through airports and keeping all of my hygiene essentials close — because delayed flight or not, my skin-care routine can't afford to take a break.

Ahead, I share everything to know about this bestselling travel accessory from Amazon.

What I Like About This TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag

Since it feels like security regulations are always changing and can differ from one airport to the next, I like that this toiletry bag abides by the agency's universal guidelines regarding liquids, which state that each liquid must be less than 3.4 ounces and fit in a one-quart-sized bag. Rather than having to buy the individual bottles myself or measure them on my own, this set comes with 16 pieces that all fit within the TSA's 3-1-1 regulations and ensure that I can easily pack liquids in my carry-on or go-to travel tote without the fear of TSA agents flagging me for going over the limit.

I also love how thoughtfully the entire travel bottle set was designed. For only being a clear, one-quart-size bag, I sure can fit a lot into it — including silicone tubes, round jars, tiny spray bottles, and more. The set even comes with pre-written labels to stick on each bottle, which helps me better organize each product and differentiate between them when I travel. There are 12 different choices, including shampoo, shower gel, essence, lotions, and more.

morfone travel toiletry case
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

You also can't beat the under-$20 price tag. Traveling can be expensive enough without having to account for buying items like luggage, travel makeup bags, and replacement toiletries. I appreciate that this bestselling Amazon set gives me a handful of quality travel bottles that are designed to be long-lasting (I've traveled with it on over 20 different flights already), but with a budget-friendly price tag that doesn't force me to add another hefty expense to my vacation.

What's Worth Noting

While I haven't personally had issues with this, a few Amazon reviewers noted that they've struggled with the bottles leaking in the case, resulting in other products getting wet and, in the worst cases, having liquids actually seep through the bag and onto other items in their carry-on. I've had this travel bottle set for several years now and have relied on it for countless trips across both the country and the world. Even after dozens of flights, my bottles have still remained in great condition. However, to preserve the quality of your travel bottle set and ensure that no unexpected leaks occur, I recommend flipping the products upside down when organizing them in the case, that way the bottle lids are facing upright. I've found that all of the products still fit the same way in the case, but this adjustment just ensures that the lids aren't overwhelmed with pressure from the liquids, and it also limits the opportunity for spillage; for context, I'd abide by this same practice when checking a bag with larger bottles, as well.

morfone travel toiletry case
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Who Is This TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag Best For?

I'd argue that this travel liquids case is ideal for any regular traveler who wants to avoid the hassle of having to check a bag — or just wants to pack as little as possible. Flying has turned into a tumultuous experience post-pandemic, but I've been fortunate enough to avoid most of it solely because I've refused to check a bag. Relying on my personal carry-on (and TSA-approved toiletry case) has really helped me simplify the process of navigating the airport. If you want to forgo the need to check your luggage (and avoid the risk of losing it in the midst of thousands of flight cancellations), this travel bag is a smart buy that'll help keep your liquids organized and handy.

morfone travel toiletry case
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Additional Details

  • The TSA-approved liquids bag comes with 16 travel bottles, including four tall bottles, four jars, two spray bottles, two scoopers, one funnel, one cleaning brush, and a page of labels so you can mark which products are which.
  • Several of the bottles are made from a BPA-free and non-toxic silicone that's squishy, flexible, and designed to provide easier squeezing capabilities than a traditional hardshell bottle.
  • Unlike other travel bottle sets, this one is designed to follow TSA-protocol regarding liquids and other carry-on restrictions, so you can navigate security with ease.

Where Can I Buy This TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag?

This travel bottle set is available to shop on Amazon.