14 NASA Images of the Earth From Space That Are Beyond Spectacular

Space, in general, is enough to take our breath away, but when we look at our planet from afar, it does something else to us. NASA's Earth Observatory Instagram @NASAEarth is filled with spectacular images of our blue planet from outer space, and the details they capture are quite astonishing. From close-up photos of the Canadian arctic to the snow on top of Mount Fuji and our spherical planet as a whole, these images are enough to make your jaw drop. Not to mention the captions alone will teach you an astonishing amount about our planet (be sure to click on each photo to check out the full captions)! If you're interested in seeing Earth from a whole other perspective, give these majestic shots from NASA a scan.

Lenticular Clouds on the Transantarctic Mountains

New River Gorge National Park, West Virginia

Snow on Mount Fuji, Japan

Elephant Island, Antarctica Peninsula

Glaciers and Mountains in Eastern Greenland

Vortices Clouds Near the Canary Islands

Humboldt Glacier, Greenland

Raikoke Eruption

Castellanus Cloud Tower Above Andros Island

Green Lights From the Aurora Australis

Cloud Vortices Off Cheju Do, South Korea

Space Station Flight Over the Southern Tip of Italy

The Bleeding Glacier on Spitsbergen