There's a New Moon on Aug. 8 — Here's How It Will Affect Your Relationships

A new moon is coming on Aug. 8, and with it comes a chance to catch a clearer glimpse of the night sky's most brilliant galaxies and star clusters. Since you won't actually be able to see the moon at this time since it'll be on the same side of the Earth as the Sun (read: its surface won't be illuminated), you will be able to see other celestial sights since there won't be any moonlight to dim the shining stars. This is the best time to take a peek at your favorite planets and constellations since you'll be able to see them better than when the moon is adding light to the sky.

As for what the new moon means, since it'll be in the sign of Leo, you'll find yourself in a place of emotional balance. You'll feel invigorated in your relationships and be able to see what you really want from them. Since your heart will be more receiving during the new moon, let yourself explore your romantic connections and be honest about how they make you feel. Use the new moon to not only take in everything the dark night sky has to offer, but also to give you an energizing boost for the remainder of the month. Looking for more? You can learn about the rest of 2021's solar events right here.