A New Moon Is Coming on July 10 — Here's How It Will Affect Your Life

A new moon is coming on July 10, and with it comes a chance to see galaxies and star clusters like never before. While you won't actually be able to see the moon at this time (it'll be on the same side of Earth as the sun, so the surface won't be illuminated), you will be able to see other astrological sights since there won't be any moonlight to interfere with the night sky. We suggest getting out a telescope and tracking down your favorite stars and constellations after the sun sets so you can see them in all their glory.

As for what the new moon means, since it'll be in the sign of Cancer, your emotions will be piqued more than usual. You'll feel a sense of security with your home and family life, and find peace in activities like cooking and gardening. You might feel your emotional state fluctuate during this time, making you more in tune with how you really feel about things. Take a moment to tap into these feelings and reflect on what you want. Use the new moon to not only appreciate everything the night sky has to offer, but to also ground yourself for the rest of the month. Looking for more? You can learn about the rest of 2021's solar events right here.