What's This? Target Has Jack and Sally No-Carve Pumpkins For Your Apartment or Dorm

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Wouldn't you like to see something strange? Target has gone all out with its Halloween decor, and these Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin kits just made spook-ifying any room 10 times easier. Possibly inspired by "the clown with the tear-away face," these Jack and Sally no-carve pumpkin kits eliminate all the mess that comes with carving a jack-o'-lantern and still bring all the fun.

The Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins are made of vinyl and come with push-in face pieces that look just like the Pumpkin King and his Frankenstein-inspired bride. So once you're finished painting the rest of the pumpkin-shaped heads, all you have to do is stick the face pieces in à la Mr. Potato Head, and voila! They're ideal for apartments, dorms, or any other small spaces that aren't great for spilling pumpkin guts. Keep scrolling to snag one of these spooky, no-mess pumpkins for yourself.