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Expert Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

10 Insider Travel Tips For Dealing With the Busy Season

Expert Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

Once you're through security, escape the crowds as quickly as you can by visiting an airport lounge. There are a number of ways you can score access. You can always apply for a credit card that grants lounge access, but many of them also come with stiff annual fees. If you're not a frequent traveler, it might not be worth it. But many people forget that most lounges sell single day passes (typically for around $45 to $50) that gives you full access to all the amenities: WiFi, large, comfortable seats, complimentary food and beverages, some even have showers. If you think about the steep airport prices, especially if you're looking to grab a bite, it makes the one-time fee appear instantly worth it.

Not sure which lounge works best with your itinerary? The Cabeau rep recommends using Lounge Buddy, an app that allows you to browse through hundreds of lounges and purchase a single day pass.

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