These Insanely Relatable Cartoons Prove the Struggle Is Real For Millennials

From making plans and instantly regretting them to dreading Sundays just because the next day is Monday, there are certain things that many millennial women have in common. For those who look drastically different while working out, trying new makeup techniques, or just getting out of the pool than the influencers you follow on Instagram, one artist will have you laughing your ass off with her epic illustrations.

Prudence Geerts, an artist from Belgium, is the creative genius behind Planet Prudence and her cartoons are going viral because they capture the relatable struggles of young women. "These comics will make you laugh out loud at your adult life. Drawn for you, by your dearest (most) awkward twenty-something," Prudence wrote.

Whether these Instagram posts remind you of your best friend or are you on a daily basis, you'll be obsessed with Planet Prudence.