55 Witty and Punny Halloween Costumes

Celebrity Image: Getty | David M. Benett
Product Images: Getty | Edward Berthelot; Chinnapong; Tahlia Russell
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz
Celebrity Image: Getty | David M. Benett
Product Images: Getty | Edward Berthelot; Chinnapong; Tahlia Russell
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz

With each passing Halloween, it gets increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from other trick-or-treaters or partygoers. While the holiday has a reputation for all things dark and sinister, these punny costume ideas are the lighthearted solution to standing out from the crowd. This year, take the road less traveled and turn your favorite joke into a punny Halloween costume. This seriously funny approach is a gold mine for easy Halloween costumes, especially perfect for families and couples in need of a last-minute costume idea. Whether you're on the hunt for the funniest, most ironic, or cleverest costume out there, these punny costume ideas will help you win the best-dressed award.

That said, there's nothing worse than a punny Halloween costume that falls flat or that no one understands. We're here to make sure your creative costume comes across as witty, not "What is that supposed to be?" Set the bar high by dressing up as the literal interpretation of a popular saying, an imaginative version of your favorite food, or even a ridiculous play on words. You might be surprised at how much can be accomplished using supplies you already have lying around at home.

These costumes are all about making people think and flexing your own creativity. If you're looking for a place to get started, this roundup of punny costumes will give you a little extra inspiration to fulfill your spooky-season wardrobe needs. With jokes that cover all the fun-filled bases, there's not a costume here that won't tickle your punny bone. Check out some of our favorite punny Halloween costumes ahead, and turn this Halloween into one that is unBOOlievably funny.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes and Chandler Plante


Punny Halloween Costumes: French Kiss

A French kiss doesn't have to involve lots of PDA. Style this costume with a black-and-white striped shirt, beret, and makeup made notorious by the band KISS. Throw in a baguette for a tasty prop.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Social Butterfly

For a witty social butterfly costume, just tape on the logos for social networks like Facebook and Twitter (er, X?), then throw on a pair of wings. The tutu is totally optional, but also a great way to channel your inner butterfly.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Formal Apology

This punny Halloween costume is the perfect way to re-wear that bridesmaid dress sitting in the back of your closet. Dress in your fanciest attire and make sure to write "sorry" on an obvious part of your body (or a name tag) to become a formal apology.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Meat and Greet

For this funny pun, stuff nylons with tissue and knot off each section to create a sausage-link sash. For the bacon, you can use either paper or fabric and red paint. Utilize some bobby pins to make sure your "Hello" headpiece stays in place. Now you are a meat and greet!


Punny Halloween Costumes: In Your Element

Don the periodic table, and you'll be in your element all night long, thanks to this witty Halloween costume idea.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Smarty Pants

Attach Smarties candy to your pants and wear glasses and suspenders for a nerdy look. This witty Halloween costume gets bonus points for being partially edible.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Wonder Bread Woman

Carbs and superheroes combine to create this epic costume. The Wonder Bread dress could be DIY-ed using colorful dots and a gold belt. The sandwich, however, is definitely a must.


Punny Halloween Costumes: AvoCATo

Replace the "d" in avocado and what do you have? An avocato, of course. Dress as you typically would for a cat costume (don't forget the ears), and top it off with a cardboard cutout of an avocado.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Fantasy Baseball

Pretty easy to put together, this unexpected and punny costume will have people asking you what you are — and then laughing when they get it.


Punny Halloween Costumes: When Life Gives You Lemons . . .

. . . you make lemonade. Be the bright spot this Halloween by donning a shirt that says "life" and carrying a bag of lemons.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Party Animals

You can wear a party hat with any kind of animal shirt you have lying around the house. Easy enough! Turn this punny costume up a notch with balloons and party horns.


Punny Halloween Costumes: The Devil Wears Prada

Not everyone can pull off a Meryl Streep costume, but dressing up as a devil wearing Prada is easy. (You can write Prada across a plain shirt if you don't happen to have anything from Prada lying around.)


Punny Halloween Costumes: Spelling Bee

If you're a word person or spelling whiz, this punny costume is right up your alley. Dress up as a bee, and create a big paper sign that says "spelling" — or just go around all night asking people how to spell things. After a minute or two, they'll totally get it.


Punny Halloween Costumes: A Shrimp on the Barbie

Cute, creative, and ideal for any anyone with a sense of humor, dressing up as a shrimp on the "Barbie" will win you applause for the rest of the year. Find a Barbie shirt or make your own (anything Barbiecore will do). Keep your eyes peeled for a shrimp hat. and you're ready to take on the holiday!


Punny Halloween Costumes: Spoiled Milk

No one likes spoiled milk, unless it looks like this. All you need is an all-white outfit that says "milk" on the front, paired with an expensive shopping bag or two, and you'll look the part.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Bee-Yoncé

Wear a "yoncé" top and strap on bee wings — done. This punny Halloween costume will let everyone know you're a part of the Bey-hive, whether or not you made it to the "Renaissance" tour.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Bear-ista

Make a barista costume even cuter by putting this punny spin on it. All you have to do is wear a barista apron, bear ears, and face makeup. Don't forget your iced coffee or pumpkin spice latte!


Punny Halloween Costumes: Holy Cow

Holy cow, this is a good punny costume. Dress up as a cow by wearing a spotted shirt and face makeup, then put on a halo and angel wings, and you're ready to go.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Insta-Gram

Instagram just got a whole new meaning! Put a punny spin on the social media app by dressing up as a grandma and pasting the logo to your shirt. Everyone will be sure to "like" it.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Ceiling Fan

Channel your high school days and grab some pom-poms for this easy punny costume. Simply write "go, ceilings!" on a T-shirt. Who knew the humble ceiling fan had so many avid supporters?


Punny Halloween Costumes: Eye Candy

Chances are you have some candy lying around your house (or you will shortly). Put it to use by gluing it on a black apron (along with some googly eyes) for a simple DIY punny Halloween costume.


Punny Halloween Costumes: News Flash

Everyone needs a news flash every once in a while. Cover a dress in newspaper, layer it with a long jacket, and no one will know who you are (until you "flash" them, of course).


Punny Halloween Costumes: Rey of Sunshine

What do you get when you cross Star Wars and a chance to be funny? This awesome "Rey of sunshine" Halloween costume pun that can be made with a few, simple DIY touches.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Copy Cat

Anyone can wear a pair of cat ears, but only the most clever partygoers see an opportunity for the perfect pun. All this witty costume requires is an all-black outfit, some DIY whiskers, and a makeshift necklace with the copy shortcut "CTRL + C" written on it.


Punny Halloween Costumes: A Blessing in Disguise

Cute, creative, and easy, dressing up as a blessing in disguise is an adorable Halloween costume pun. Find a cute mask and a name tag, and you're ready to go!


Punny Halloween Costumes: Party Like a Brocstar

Spray your hair green, and combine it with an all-green outfit. Finish it off with a fake inflatable guitar and you'll be a "brocstar" in no time.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Candy (Uni)Corn

When you combine a unicorn with candy corn, you get a costume that is anything but expected. Wear the traditional unicorn horn, but pair it with a yellow and orange ensemble.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Coach-Cello

A fun couples costume for music-lovers, dressing up as Coachella, or Coach-cello, might look a little different than one might think. Have one person dress up as a sports coach and the other as, well, a cello. Feel free to get creative from there.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Kiss the Cook

Get ready to rock when you dress up as this for Halloween. Wear Kiss-themed face makeup and a chef's hat or apron, and you can kiss this punny costume hello.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Taco Belle

Channel "Beauty and the Beast" with this adorable costume, but rather than carrying around books, you'll be toting a Quesarito instead. The most difficult part of this punny Halloween costume would be trying not to eat your accessories.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Baseball Bat

Notice the bat wings! All that's needed for this punny Halloween costume are a few key baseball accessories — like a jersey, hat, or mitt — and a pair of bat wings.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Old Fart

How do you look at this and not laugh? You can definitely make this yourself if you're crafty, and the addition of some good makeup, a gray wig, and glasses take this punny costume to the next level.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Ghost Malone

This Post Malone costume is totally badass, right? Instead of just dressing up as the singer, give the costume a Halloween twist by adding deathly makeup to turn you into Ghost Malone himself.


Punny Halloween Costumes: One-Night Stand

It's safe to say everyone will get a laugh out of this costume. Put a cardboard cutout on your shoulders, and drape a sheet over it. Then add your must-have bedside essentials for the ultimate punny Halloween costume.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Iron Chef

Foodies and chemistry-lovers alike will have a laugh over this "Iron Chef" costume. The DIY sign and ladle make for an easy last-minute Halloween costume pun.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Misbehavior and Misdirection

Who wants to be Miss America when you can be Misbehavior and Misdirection instead? Put on a formal dress and crown, and make a sash with the corresponding name. Just add props to make this costume complete!


Punny Halloween Costumes: Pig in a Blanket

Find pig ears and wrap yourself in a blanket or huge scarf (bonus if it looks bacon-ish) — this punny Halloween costume is really that simple!


Punny Halloween Costumes: Black-Eyed Pea

Blacken one eye, place a P on your shirt, and you're already done. Add more people to your group, and you've successfully reunited the Black Eyed Peas.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Catfish

Perhaps the scariest Halloween costume yet. Make a cardboard cutout of your favorite (or least favorite) dating app, dress in head-to-toe black, add cat ears and fish scales, and boom — catfish transformation complete.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Party Pooper

Parties aren't really your thing? Go as a party pooper! Embrace it . . . even if you don't have an inflatable toilet lying around.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Grammar Police

One after our own hearts, the grammar police is an easy DIY costume with some police props, iron-on letters, and your favorite shades.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Captain Obvious

A captain's hat and name tag make this an easy and punny Halloween costume people will definitely give you props for. Get into character by stating the obvious all night.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Travel Bug

If you have a passion for traveling, this punny travel bug costume was made for you! Bring your passport, camera, and craft a pair of antennas.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Cat Burglar

The cat's out of the bag because this costume is punny and cute. Put on cat ears with a striped shirt, and don't forget your bag of loot.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Stop! Hammer Time

You'll be dancing the night away in this punny ensemble perfect for couples or BFFs. You'll need a partner with this costume, so find another MC Hammer fan.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Cereal Killer

Attach mini cereal boxes to your shirt and hold a (fake) knife to pull off this equally adorable and chilling Halloween costume pun.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Bread Winner

Who's the breadwinner in your house? With this punny Halloween costume, you both are! Simply attach ribbons and medals to your shirts and carry around a piece of bread. Your work here is done.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Space Jam

If you loved the 1996 movie "Space Jam," then dressing up as this punny Halloween costume will be right up your alley. Wear out-of-this-world cool attire, and add a jam-themed accessory to finish it off.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Seal of Approval

If people are looking for your approval, you might as well give them the seal. This punny Halloween costume is a mix of clever and cute and is a breeze to throw together if you happen to own a seal onesie.


Punny Halloween Costumes: First Base

This punny Halloween costume is first-base friendly. Dress up as a baseball player, and put kiss marks wherever you please.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Deviled Egg

Everyone will get a laugh out of this creative costume pun. Dress up a regular devil costume by taping a picture of a fried egg onto your shirt and voilà — deviled egg.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Card-E-Bee

Put a whole new spin on the popular rapper with this punny Cardi B costume. Wear a bee costume (or just a yellow-and-black-striped shirt), and make the letter "E" out of playing cards.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Little House on the Fairy

This giggle-inducing getup just needs some face paint, tissue paper (or store-bought wings), and card stock to DIY a little house hat. The construction of the tiny home might take some effort, but this punny costume is so worth it.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Chick Magnet

If you attract all the chicks, you might as well own it (or at least manifest it). Turn into a chick magnet by sticking a cutout of a magnet and fluffy yellow chicks to your shirt.


Punny Halloween Costumes: Dumbledora the Explorer

Combine your love of Harry Potter and children's cartoons by adding a wand and beard to colorful clothing and a bobbed wig. Pack some spell books in your backpack for a finishing touch to this punny Halloween costume.