No Virgin Is Needed to Light These Hocus Pocus-Themed Candles

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Some might think Halloween candles are a bunch of hocus pocus, but we think they're made of magic — especially when they're themed after everyone's favorite witches. The new limited-edition Candier Sanderson Sister Candle Collection ($79) from Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween offers more than your average fall candles. Inspired by the personality of each sister from Hocus Pocus, this set is as quirky, vibrant, and bewitching as the women themselves. With three different scents that are sure to cast a spell on anyone who encounters them, there's no need to wait 300 years to find a virgin to light these bad boys.

The "I Am Beautiful; Boys Will Love Me" scent represents Sarah, and smells of mandarin balm, eucalyptus, moss, amber, and musk. It embodies her timeless (and dangerous) charm, and brings out all the best scents of the season. As for the "I Put a Spell on You" candle, this one obviously encapsulates the bright personality of Winifred, and has notes of caramelized sugar, chestnut, cinnamon, and vanilla. (Cue: a spell being cast every time you light it.) Last, but certainly not least, is the "I Suggest We Form a Calming Circle" candle, and it captures Mary's spellbinding persona to a T. With hints of orange peel, ginger cream, graham cracker, and clove, this scent is enough to make you forget all about the Black Flame Candle. Ready to cause some mischief of your own? Shop the collection now.