Wow, TikTokers Are Making Homemade Halloween Candles, and They're So Mesmerizing to Watch

OK, hear us out: Bath & Body Works has cool Halloween candles, but there are countless homemade candles that are even more festive. Apart from the creativity behind these DIY masterpieces, watching them come to life is more than half of the fun! Leave it to TikTok to be home to some of not only the best candle-making videos but also the best Halloween-themed candles. Our favorite part is that you can watch the candle-makers in action, then shop the exact candle you want from their sites. If you're looking to deck your house with thrills this season, check out these frighteningly cool creations from TikTok ahead, and prepare to be mesmerized.


Oogie Boogie Halloween Candle

Make your Halloween celebration one to remember when you have this Oogie Boogie Halloween Candle ($25). Complete with little dice rollers, sprinkles, and more, this candle will be the ultimate decor piece.


Hocus Pocus Candle

With a glittery purple wax, this Sugar Plum Spell Candle ($30) will cast a spell on anyone who sees it. Light it while you watch Hocus Pocus for best results.


Mischief Managed Candle

Get in the Halloween spirit with the help of Harry Potter and this cute Mischief Managed Candle ($15). Be warned: when you light it, you just might be inclined to cause some mischief.


Caramel Apple Candles

With a rich scent and gorgeous design, these Caramel Apple Candles (will be restocked every Friday) from The Wilson Candle Company are too cute to pass up. Since they're so sweet, you can display them all year long.


Halloween Pumpkin Spice Candles

There's no better way to prep your home for the most haunting holiday of the year than with a pumpkin spice candle. You can shop Magic Flame Candles here, and be sure to check back often to see new seasonal styles!


Harry Potter Candles

Um, yeah, it doesn't matter which house you're in, you need all four of these Harry Potter Candles ($18). I mean, did you see the glitter wax?


Pumpkin King Candle

Turn your home into Halloween Town when you have this Pumpkin King Candle ($27). Made with 100 percent soy-vegan wax, this festive candle will burn for hours.


Fall-Themed Halloween Candles

Made from scratch, these fall candles from Essence's Candles & Co. are sustainable, cute, and creative. There's a whole line of Halloween-themed candles, so be sure to shop them when they drop!


Candy Corn Soy Candle

With the cutest fall theme, this candy corn candle from MiQuelle's Natural Bath, Body and More will turn your home into a seasonal escape. Be sure to check the website for the fall launch coming next month.