You've Been Warned: Don't Watch These Scary-Story TikTok Videos If You're Home Alone

If you're into scary stories and true crime, then look no further than John Ballen's TikTok account (@MrBallen). He recounts bone-chilling scary stories, and although each video is only a minute long, they're freaky enough to stay with you long after you watch them (unless you want to check out his equally frightening YouTube channel). But what makes his videos so chilling is how they're mostly true crime stories that deal with real-life cases. He also uses incredibly creepy photos and video to help visualize each story. From cabins in the woods to infamous serial killers, you'll probably want to double check all the windows and doors in your home before you get too deep into his account. Keep scrolling for some of his scariest TikTok videos, and get ready to pass the tales onto your friends for some spooky nights around the fire.

Faceless Man in the Woods

A boy goes missing in the woods, but is luckily found after a couple days. What's even scarier than the boy going missing is where he says he was while everyone was looking for him.

Talking to Strangers in the Woods

This story will leave you not wanting to head down mysterious pathways anytime soon. Find out the unexpected plot twist after a boy ventures off in the woods with a couple strangers.

An Elderly Woman and the Shadowy Figure

An elderly woman calls the police after seeing shadowy figures around her home. When police arrive, they find some footprints leading to an unwanted discovery.

One Tragic Night of Fear

This sad story follows a man who was found dead at his home. Hear the scary details he mentioned to his best friend on the phone before he died.

Life Saving Cell Phone in the Shower

You'll want to take your phone with you everywhere after hearing this story. It tells one woman's story of how having her phone close by while taking a shower helped save her life.

Woman Checks Into a Scary Motel

Traveling alone can be scary, but this woman's story takes scary to a whole new level. What could go wrong after checking into a random motel? A lot, which you can find out in this TikTok.

The Tutor, a Student, and Tandoori Chicken

You might assume this story is going to end a certain way, but the plot twist is guaranteed to surprise you. Watch until the end to find out why it's always a good idea to say "yes" to Tandoori chicken.

Loud Child in the Hotel Hallway

Nobody likes hearing lots of noise while staying at a hotel. When one woman decides to confront the child making noise in the hallway, she ends up encountering something more unpleasant.

One Neighbor's Devastating Package

A man does the nice thing by taking in his neighbor's mail while he's out of town. But when a large package arrives and starts to smell after a few days, things take a turn for the worse.

Creepy Clown Statue

After a babysitter puts the kids to bed for the night, she decides to unwind and watch some television until the parents come home. But the sketchy clown statue in the corner of room keeps its eyes on her wherever she moves.

Excerpts From a Hidden Notebook in a Cabin

After finding a notebook under the bed in a cabin they rented, one couple decides to call the police. What could have been written inside for them to get authorities involved?

The Burgular-Turned Serial Killer

After a series of break-ins, a town hall is hosted to talk about the situation. Little do all the attendees know is the infamous suspect is a lot closer than they think.

The Silent Killer and the Post-It Notes

One man is lucky to be alive after waking up to dozens of Post-It notes around his home. After calling the police, one Reddit user ends up posting a comment that saves his life.

A Hitchhiker's Narrow Escape

After hitching a ride from a stranger, one man decides to make a run for it after getting bad vibes from the driver. That decision would end up saving his life after discovering who the driver was years later.

A Serial Killer's Secret Getaway

A number of scary incidents forced a family out of their house for a few weeks while police looked for a suspect. After arriving back home before anyone is arrested, they come to find their home still isn't safe.

Woman Records Scary Footage From Her Bedroom

This video is the worst nightmare for any person living alone. Unfortunately, it's a nightmare come true for one woman. You'll definitely consider switching your locks after watching this video.

The Opened Attic Door

It can be easy to brush off the outrageous things your kid says. But for one family, it might have been better for them to have taken their son's concerns about the attic door seriously when he first brought it up.