Someone Call Sidney Prescott! This Real Estate Listing Has Scream's Ghostface Lurking in Each Room

A recent real estate listing would have Sidney Prescott running in the opposite direction. In time for Halloween, Century 21 Looking Glass agent James Pyle decided to market one of his Lansing, MI, properties by dressing up as Scream's iconic villain Ghostface and posing for photos in various rooms throughout the house. Well, that's one way to attract prospective buyers!

"It's very important for me to constantly be searching for new ways to create an experience for my clients that gives them a competitive advantage in what is a constantly changing and tightening real estate market," James said in a statement. The agent added, "Being able to use a little creativity with this 'scary' listing to help generate more exposure for my client has been very gratifying."

In case you were curious, the four-bedroom, one-bathroom home is currently available for $105,000. Built in 1911, the home features a picturesque porch, lush backyard, and basement which we would likely never enter after seeing the photo of Ghostface hanging out down there. See photos of the ridiculous real estate stunt ahead.