This New-Moon-in-Pisces Baño Will Help Spark Your Intuition

The New Moon in Pisces is upon us, marking the start of a lunar cycle. While this symbolizes the beginning of something, the Pisces new moon sparks your intuition to reveal what needs to fully end first. After all, Pisces is the last constellation of the zodiac, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, an ending to the zodiac cycle before Aries begins again.

Riding off the wave of the Leo full moon, which brought forth inner strength and courage to let go, the Pisces new moon is the fresh start of a new path. But the residuals left from shedding old skin during the full moon in Leo need to be fully cleansed and released before your new launchpad can become clearly visible for takeoff.

Remember that life is a cycle and not a straight timeline of events. This cycle constantly offers us the ability to release, renew, and rebirth. So, the person you are today may not be the person you are six months from now. It's really up to you. Working with the moon is a great way to create something physical and tangible, which is symbolic of the energetic and spiritual cycles we experience. Sometimes we're up and sometimes we're down and back up again, which can cause the journey to feel daunting and even exhausting at times. When it does, sit and meditate under the new moon and inhale the energy of newness and the excitement of beginnings.

Sweep away the past, breathe in the present moment, tap into your intuition, and look at life like a big, beautiful blank canvas just waiting for you to create your next masterpiece.

When Is the 2023 New Moon in Pisces?

The new moon in Pisces peaks on Feb. 20 at 2:05 a.m. ET. You can certainly rise with the peak of the Pisces new moon if you wish, but don't feel pressured to do so. The energy of the new moon is available the day before and the day after its peak. So, ease into your new-moon ritual. It should be an enjoyable time of inner focus, not a stressful one.

What Is the Meaning of the 2023 New Moon in Pisces?

Pisces rules illusive and joyful states, so while you can set intentions about getting more restful sleep, you can also wish for more internal happiness and universal love. The connection is that better sleep can help with feeling joyful, so allow your intuition to guide you to whatever it is that you need most.

If you're having difficulty hearing that intuitive voice, tap into psychic sensitivity, which is also ruled by Pisces, arguably one of the most psychic of all the signs in the zodiac. You can wish to become more attuned to the positive spiritual senses in and around you. If you're already a highly sensitive being, you may want to set an intention to reel it in a bit so it's not at the borderline of debilitating.

If all of this feels like too much to take on solo, lean on the higher power in your life. Pisces rules reliance on a higher power, so surrender your worries and anxieties and trust that you are protected by something much greater than yourself. If you need something more visibly symbolic of this, wish to align yourself with others on a similar spiritual path so that when you begin talking about the moon and stars, and celestial bodies, you're speaking with people who can relate to and understand you.

Pisces also rules spiritual healing, unconditional love, and even the victim mentality, which could include things like procrastination, addiction, and panic attacks. But again, herein lie the connections that Pisces creates, because spiritual healing and unconditional love can carry you through releasing addictions and the habit of putting things off until the last minute. A full heart and mind can also help immensely in easing the anxieties that can lead to panic attacks.

Think of these connections when you sit down to write out your Pisces new moon intentions and wishes. What are the endings that need to take place for you to truly begin anew? Only you know the answers, and if you can't see them clearly, surrender to the will of the cosmos.

What Is the Spiritual Cleansing Prayer to Say During February's New Moon in Pisces?

"Great Spirit, I ask that you provide me with the strength to release this addiction, and to see the clear path ahead. I surrender and trust that I am here for a purpose greater than I may comprehend at this time. Remove any blockages to my intuition so I can better understand my role in this life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So be it."

What Tarot Card Goes Well With the New Moon in Pisces?

The Moon: Revealing hidden illusions and tapping into psychic energy aligns with the moon card and Pisces.

What Chakra Goes With the New Moon in Pisces?

Sacral Chakra: Our center for creativity and sexuality is located about two inches below our belly button and is represented by the color orange.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For the New-Moon-in-Pisces Baño


Blue, green, or white candle

Water lilies, orchids, or daffodils

Sage and palo santo

Florida Water

Basil, lemon balm, or borage herbs

Orange, ginger, juniper, or rosemary essential oils

Aquamarine, amethyst, or moonstone

Sea Salt


1. Begin by preparing your space. A personal go-to during a new-moon ritual is to create a dimly lit writing corner for writing intentions and wishes following the baño. There, you can sip on a cup of tea and feel spiritually and energetically cleansed, which is a great headspace to create heartfelt intentions. Prepare this space before you soak, so it's ready and waiting for you.

2. Then, energetically cleanse your bathroom with sage and palo santo smoke. Light your candle of choice and set the intention for the space and your ritual.

3. You can place a bouquet of flowers and your favorite crystals near and around the candle to create a Pisces-new-moon altar, symbolizing all the doors you are closing and those spaces you're stepping into for the first time.

4. Begin filling your bath with warm water and add 1-2 cups of sea salt. Mix with your hands, pray, sing, and move intuitively. Maybe that means you're dancing the entire time you set up your ritual space. Remember that energy is constantly moving, shifting, and changing, and that you are energy, too!

5. Next, add a few good splashes of Florida Water and several drops of your choice of essential oils. Mix with your hands, or even your feet if you're feeling playful.

6. Grab a few good handfuls of the herbs of your choice and drop them into the water. See them mixing in with the other ingredients you've already added, and envision the magic you are creating.

7. Cover the top of your baño with flower petals or whole flowers. Water lilies are a great choice! Soak for 20-40 minutes.

8. Remember that space you prepared before your baño. Now, you can mindfully walk over, maybe have a nice cup of tea with you, take a seat, and manifest greatness!