Use the Force as a Couple or a Family With This Halloween Idea

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POPSUGAR Photography
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After a family dressed as Finn, Rey, and baby BB-8 stole our hearts when it swept the internet, we realized that they were the perfect inspiration for a family-friendly Halloween getup. Easy enough to create with things you have in your closet, but creative enough to rock at any Halloween gathering, this Star Wars: The Force Awakens idea can work for couples or families.

How to Create It Yourself

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If your family wants to try this costume, pick up these things:

  • A distressed leather jacket, like this one ($90-$180)
  • Layers of beige clothing
  • Hair ties
  • Brown boots
  • A futuristic-looking staff (we used PVC piping and plumbing parts coated in black spray paint)
  • White and orange kids' clothes
  • Toy lightsaber or ray gun (we spray-painted a toy gun and added a leather strap)

Finn's costume requires a brown leather jacket and a weapon, while Rey's is more dependent on layers of sand-colored fabric, three hair buns, and a staff. Little BB-8 can be dressed in white and orange to achieve the droid's adorable effect!

Have more little ones who want to get in on the trick-or-treating fun? Have them pick from other Star Wars favorite characters like R2-D2, Leia, or Yoda!

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