This Tangled-Themed Exhibit Features Tons of Glowing Lanterns — and It's Breathtaking

When Rapunzel wasn't letting her golden-blond locks flow down the tower she was held captive in, she was daydreaming about those elusive floating lanterns in the sky . . . the same lanterns that were released to help guide her back home. Though it took a while for the Disney princess to see the illuminated paper lanterns, fans of the fairy tale now have the chance to experience them up close — if they're willing to head to Japan, that is.

The Tangled Experience is a breathtaking new exhibition at Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. Presented by the Walt Disney Animation Research Library, the immersive experience features numerous glowing paper lanterns in a dimly lit room with a reflective floor and walls, leaving guests engulfed in golden warm light. Just looking at pictures from the museum is making us feel fuzzy inside, kind of like Rapunzel did in that boat scene with Flynn Rider.

The display will be in place through Sept. 24, so time is quickly running out for this once-in-a-lifetime installation. If you're unable to book a trip to Japan, lose yourself in the awe-inspiring videos and photos of the Tangled Experience ahead.