15 Things All Ambiverts Will Totally Relate To

In a world filled with socially averse introverts and intimidatingly confident extroverts, sometimes there are those of us who don't quite fit in. If you enjoy solitude on some days and thrive around company on others, the odds are that you're an ambivert: someone whose personality is balanced between introverted and extroverted.

There are plenty of good things about being an ambivert; you're social and adaptable without overwhelming others with your personality, and you've probably got a great group of friends who understand your frequent need for alone time. But there are also plenty of struggles that come with ambiversion — struggles that only a true "extroverted introvert" could fully understand. Here are 15 of the confusing experiences that only ambiverts will relate to!


Ambiversion is hard to explain.


There's a difference between being lonely and being alone.


Sometimes, you get sick of attention really quickly.


And you crave company while simultaneously wanting to be left the hell alone.


You keep it cool on the outside, but conversing can be an exhausting experience for you.


You have a hard time relating to posts about introverts or extroverts.


Sometimes it's hard to tell what you really want.


And you struggle with craving attention while also wishing you were invisible.


There's not always a method to your madness.


You can go by "outgoing introvert" or "shy extrovert."


Your capacity for social interaction has a strict time limit.


But to your friends, your good qualities are worth the trouble.


Hey, at least being an ambivert is never boring!