26 Things to Get Rid of Before the Year Ends

New year, same clutter? No, thanks. Do yourself a favor and purge your home of all unnecessary items so you can kick off 2018 the right way. Take it day by day or dedicate an entire weekend to get it done — we promise you won't regret it. Before the year comes to an end, toss or donate the following 26 items.

  1. Old magazines
  2. Expired medicine
  3. Old makeup
  4. Clothes you haven't worn in the past year
  5. Dead electronic devices
  6. Stretched-out hair ties
  7. Socks or underwear with holes
  8. Items in your pantry that have gone bad
  9. Books you don't want
  10. Old bills and receipts that you no longer need
  11. Unwanted gifts with no sentimental value
  12. Manuals that don't belong to a device
  13. Shoes that clearly need to be thrown away
  14. Old t-shirts
  15. Ratty towels
  16. Dried-out pens
  17. Cables with no use
  18. Stained mugs
  19. Old journals
  20. Birthday cards with no sentimental value
  21. Outdated takeout menus
  22. Expired coupons
  23. Old cleaning supplies
  24. CDs, DVDs, or any other items your devices no longer support
  25. Scraps of wrapping paper
  26. Accessories that you never wear