15 Things You Stop Giving a Sh*t About in Your 30s

A lot of people think that your 20s are your best years, but actually, they are kind of the worst. You're still trying to get a hang of the whole "adult" thing we're all supposed to do, you start to understand what "hangover" really means, and it's all just hard. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel, because with your 30s comes some major relief. You're more established, you know yourself better, and you are completely OK with saying "no." In fact, you enjoy it. Here are some things you stop caring so much about in your 30s.

  1. Other people's lives. Everyone's employed, dating, in a relationship, engaged, married, married with kids. People are finally getting their sh*t together. Awesome! So are you. Moving on.
  2. Going to the hippest place to eat. You don't care if the cruffin/cronut/crancake (croissant + pancake — we may have made this one up) is literally the best thing since sliced bread. You're not waiting in line for two hours just to say you tried it.
  3. Missing out. FOMO seriously becomes a thing of the past. Really, everyone was at some crazy-awesome event last night? Cool. You were at home, drinking wine with your cat, watching murder mysteries, and it was glorious.
  4. Making a big deal about birthdays. Eh, it's just another day, and we already celebrated a million of these back when we all turned 30 anyway. Let's not make a fuss about it. In fact, how about let's pretend it's not happening?
  5. Being friends with people who are jerks. In the past, you might have had your reasons for keeping friends around. Maybe it was out of convenience, maybe it was because they had a car. But once you hit your 30s, you narrow your friend group down to the people you a) really want to be around and/or b) the people who live within a five-block radius and who you also really want to be around. You're cool cutting out the others.
  6. Keeping up with all the current trends. We already know what kind of music we like, we have all the shows we watch recorded, and almost every movie coming out will be just as good (nay, better) when watched from the comfort of our couches.
  7. Your wrinkles. OK, maybe you worry about them a little. But you start to come up with different ways to view them. They're "laugh lines." Face trophies? Corner-of-the-eye art?
  8. Drama. Relationship drama, friend drama, family drama, work drama, blah, blah, blah. Maybe you used to love hearing the sordid details about who is doing whom and how that makes so-and-so feel, but lately the effort it takes to keep up with it all just isn't worth it.
  9. The occasional splurge. While you still may be money conscious, you are a little more liberal with where your cash goes, because unlike your 20s, you probably have some. Staying in the dingiest hotel you can find just to save $20 and enduring a bus full of drunk people late on a Friday night isn't working for you anymore. You'll drop that $10 on an Uber, thanks.
  10. The latest fashion craze. We're not saying you necessarily let yourself go per se, but in your 30s, knowing the trends doesn't mean you have to partake in them. Because your favorite pair of jeans (that you've worn four times this week) are a way more appealing option than crop tops and shiny temporary tattoos, or whatever those crazy kids are wearing these days.
  11. Getting your money's worth out of an open bar. Open bars used to be synonymous with "completely wasted," because you (obviously) had to make the most of the fact that people were voluntarily giving you alcohol that was essentially free. Now, the consequences of indulging in an open bar are never far from your mind. You're not trying to prove anything. And hangovers in your 30s are no joke.
  12. Getting the first edition of new technology. Remember how fun it was to sit outside of Best Buy or the Apple Store so that you could be one of the first people with whatever new tech device was being released? No, you don't, because it sucked. Your phone works just fine, and you're happy to wait until the first (and maybe second) edition of the fancy new thing works out all of the inevitable kinks before you're throwing down money for it.
  13. Keeping up with social media. You're late to half of the new social media trends, and on the other half you miss the train completely. What the hell does Snapchat actually do again?
  14. Documenting every single moment of your life. In the past, you may have been the type of person to bring a legitimate camera to special events, which were, incidentally, viewed through your lens rather than via your actual eyes. Now, after 1,742 weddings, baby showers, and bachelorette parties, you are more than content to snap a few shots on your phone while actually being present for the event instead of concerned with capturing every second of it digitally.
  15. What people think about you. Long gone are the days of worrying about running into an old friend when you're wearing your "maybe I will work out today, just kidding I am going to watch Netflix" outfit. You spent enough of the previous decade overanalyzing everything you said and did, but now you've figured out one important fact: you're f*cking awesome, and you know it. Who cares if anyone else does?