1-Month Moving Challenge: Tackle Things Day by Day or Week by Week

Moving sucks, especially if you wait just days before to do it all — so, don't. There are plenty of hacks to make packing easier, but to make the entire process less stressful, you need to spread it out. Our one-month moving challenge includes four segments that dedicate an entire week per task. If you stick to it, you'll be in and out with ease.

Week 1: Throw Stuff Away

Toss things you know you don't need like old magazines and expired medicine. Your closet could probably use a deep purge, too. By the end of this week, you should only be left with items you plan on taking to your next place.

Week 2: Plan

Reserve your U-Haul, look into movers, and compare storage prices. This is the week you gather all your moving supplies, including boxes and bubble wrap, so that you're good to go once you start packing.

Week 3: Disassemble and Organize

Begin taking down your furniture and grouping your belongings. Organize everything into piles that you'll end up putting in a box together.

Week 4: Start Packing

By now, all you'll need to do is put things into boxes. By the end of this week, you'll only have to load them into your truck or car!