TripAdvisor Is Launching an Airline Reviewing Platform That Will Change the Way You Travel

TripAdvisor announced the launch of an airline reviews platform, and we predict it will totally change the way travelers book their flights. The site's base of 350 million users will now be able to review airlines. "Travelers now have a go-to resource for making more informed air travel decisions based not only on the price of the flight, but the total experience with the airline," the company explained.

The site will also now display a flyscore that gives a 1-10 out of 10 score for individual flights based on traveler reviews, the quality of the aircraft, in-flight amenities, and the duration of the itinerary. "The score helps travelers quickly scan for the best flight options before booking," TripAdvisor said.

Overall, TripAdvisor is helping to give customers more knowledge about their airline and flight options. They will even show more comprehensive information about in-flight amenities, like power ports and the type of in-flight WiFi that's available. There will be additional features added to the site's new service later in the year. We're excited to put this reviewing platform to good use!