9 Marine Sanctuaries You Can Virtually Scuba-Dive in Right Now, No Wetsuit Required

If you've always wanted to go scuba-diving around the world, now's your chance to (figuratively) dive in! You don't need to be scuba certified to check out any of these beautiful diving locations. In fact, all you need is your computer or phone and you can explore the depths of some of the coolest dive spots you've ever seen. You can swim around a shipwreck, flutter among a school of fish, and even hang out with sea lions, all with these virtual dives from the National Marine Sanctuaries. Find videos and photos of the dive spots that you can view with 360-degree capabilities on your computer, and if you have virtual reality goggles you can connect to your phone, you'll get an even more immersive experience. Read through to start your dive — no wetsuit required!


Flower Garden Banks

See what you can find in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas when you go underwater at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

Go on a virtual dive of Flower Garden Banks.


Gray's Reef

Swim with a school of fish in Gray's Reef, which is off the coast of Georgia.

Go on a virtual dive of Gray's Reef.


Olympic Coast

Hang out among the sea lions and anemone off the coast of Washington.

Go on a virtual dive of Olympic Coast.


Stellwagen Bank

If you've ever wanted to explore an underwater shipwreck, you can do just that at Stellwagen Bank.

Go on a virtual dive of Stellwagen Bank.


Thunder Bay

The depths of Lake Huron are home to several pieces of preserved shipwrecks, all waiting for you to explore.

Go on a virtual dive of Thunder Bay.


Channel Islands

Swim with the sea lions in this immersive video from the Channel Islands off the coast of French Normandy.

Go on a virtual dive of Channel Islands.


American Samoa

Check out all the coral in Tafeu Cove, which is just one of the places you can dive into in American Samoa.

Go on a virtual dive of American Samoa.


Florida Keys

Go underwater in the Florida Keys and you can check out the Aquarius Reef Base.

Go on a virtual dive of the Florida Keys.