Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris Is, Hands Down, the Creepiest Attraction of Them All

Some argue that the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is hands down the best ride in the park. While it definitely is a top contender, there's another Haunted Mansion in one of the sister locations that out-creeps the attraction in the Anaheim park by far.

The one at Disneyland Paris is actually called Phantom Manor, the only version that has a completely different name and appearance compared to the original and its global copycats. There is the exception of Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor, but it has a totally separate theme (exotic museum) from the rest, so it doesn't count.

Phantom Manor is definitely darker and spookier on every level, making it another great reason to visit Disneyland Paris. See four reasons ahead.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes

The House Itself Looks Scarier
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The House Itself Looks Scarier

Compared to the original Haunted Mansion, Paris's Phantom Manor has a noticeably eerier look and vibe. One of the main reasons for this difference could be because of its location. While Haunted Mansion is found in New Orleans Square, Phantom Manor is situated in Frontierland. A pristine mansion would seem out of place, making the more rundown look more suitable.


The Ride's Concept Is Centered Around the Bride

The bride is featured in the other versions of the ride, but isn't the main focus like she is in Phantom Manor. In fact, the entire premise of the ride in Paris revolves around her unfortunate wedding day. The whole backstory supposedly includes two brothers who owned Big Thunder Mine and built a mansion overlooking town. One of the brothers, Henry Ravenswood, had a lovely daughter named Melanie who he was extremely overprotective of. He forbade her to go into town or leave the house.

Bad luck ruined the estate in the following years: a earthquake crushed Henry, Melanie's mother passed from a weak heart, and close family friends continued to die off on the grounds, leaving Melanie alone. Finally, one day, when her love, Jake, convinced her to leave with him, Henry's angered spirit ruined the young couple's wedding day at the Manor. Jake was lured to the attic by a phantom and hung himself, making Melanie a widow bride and forever captive in her childhood home.

Pictured here is the section of the ride where Melanie is mourning in the attic on her wedding day. Though you don't see a hanging Jake, there's a light shining from the ceiling that suggests his death.


The Rest of the Characters Look Straight Out of a Traditional Haunted House

Though riders will notice similar rooms from the Haunted Mansion like the stretching elevator at the beginning, the portrait gallery, and the seance room, the graveyard scenes from the original Disneyland attraction are replaced by "phantom canyon." As you'll see in the next couple slides, more traditional spooky characters such as skeletons are found.



To also go along with the Frontierland theme, creepy Western characters are scattered throughout the canyon portion of the ride.

An Employee Was Found Dead Inside
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An Employee Was Found Dead Inside

In April 2016, a 45-year-old male technician was found dead inside Phantom Manor the morning before the park was to open. It's believed that he was accidentally electrocuted as he was working on the lights.