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Apple Watch on iPhone Concept

What the Apple Watch Interface Looks Like on an iPhone

We're excited for the Apple Watch to finally launch in 2015 — but not as excited as the guy who made the video below. Developer Lucas Menge loved the wearable tech's interface so much that he perfectly re-created the nontraditional homescreen interface of the Apple Watch for the iPhone! Lucas watched demos of the device from Apple's September event (like ours), and then painfully reproduced what he saw from scratch. As someone who has worn the Apple Watch and seen it in the flesh, I can say that this concept is damn close to the real thing.

Lucas's video reminds us of how unconventional the watch's interface will be. Circular-shaped app icons will be organized on a giant grid, and users can pinch to zoom in on certain parts of this grid. He also demonstrates how users can pan their entire "app universe" and then tap to open the app. Now that we've seen this video about a million times, we want the Apple Watch even more. You won't be able to take your eyes off of the mesmerizing iPhone demo below.

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