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Funny Tweets About Taylor Swift

14 Taylor Swift Fans Who Can't Even Deal With This Day

What's that sound you've been hearing all day? Oh, just Taylor Swift fans collectively fuh-rea-king out over her new album, 1989, that dropped today. Yep, these people are either literally dead, dying as we speak, or on the road to getting there — and we've got the tweets to prove it.

1. The girl who SHOWED US.

2. The girl who's doing her part to help fellow mankind.

3. This excellent planner.

4. The guy who solved the Internet.

5. The celebrity just as obsessed as you.

6. The guy whose motto is "YOLO."

7. The people who literally "can't even."

8. The girl who needs a better support system.

9. The mom who doesn't know the different between worst day and best day.

10. The woman who thinks she can just go ahead and declare national holidays.

11. The girl who's mastered the art of the hyperbole.

12. The Swifties who RIP'd too soon.

13. The fan who would make the perfect T. Swift manager. #aggressive

14. The girl who perfectly summed it up . . .

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