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Game of Thrones Season 7 Facebook Live Reactions

Game of Thrones Is Trolling Everyone With This Facebook Live Video

Game of Thrones fans are no strangers to anticipation or frustration. Whether it's watching a beloved character die (again) or waiting for George R.R. Martin to release the next book, the waiting-game struggle is too real. Though HBO released season seven's official poster, the network decided to troll its fans even more by broadcasting a Facebook Live video of ice melting to reveal the actual premiere date.

Yes, it looks like HBO is taking this game of ice and fire a little too seriously. The Facebook Live video, which currently has more than 138,000 viewers, lets people "melt" the fire a bit more if they type "FIRE" or "DRACARYS" into the comments. Needless to say, fans of the show aren't amused one bit.

The video continues to get so popular and overloaded with viewers that it goes down. Currently, it's on its second iteration. HBO, just give us the date already!

Image Source: HBO
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