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Weird Facts About Jared Leto

Jared Leto: Oscar Winner, Super Geek

This is what Jared Leto's résumé should look like: newly-minted Oscar winner for Dallas Buyers Club, Golden Globes winner, hair maven, and . . . total geek. It's true — behind that long mane and big blue eyes is a nerdy soul waiting to be uncovered. Don't believe us? Here's proof.

He Loves Science

Like, really loves science. First of all, he's kind of obsessed with NASA. Here he is visiting Cape Canaveral . . .

And here he is peeking through the Orion capsule at the NASA Johnson Space Center with his 30 Seconds to Mars bandmates.

Secondly, just look through his Twitter feed for evidence . . .

Plus, he sells these rocket toys under the pseudonym he uses as a director, Bartholomew Cubbins, and signs each one.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Oh, and hello, his band's name is 30 Seconds to Mars. Apparently it was taken from a rare manuscript called Argus Apocraphex. "I think the idea is interesting; it's a metaphor for the future," he once explained. "Thirty seconds to Mars — the fact that we're so close to something that's not a tangible thing, idea."

He Hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything

Jared hosted an AMA not just once, but twice last year, answering questions about everything from his favorite movie to being vegan to how he stays looking so young. Spoiler: you have to be born Jared Leto.

He's in the Startup Scene

Did you know he created his own online live-streaming concert platform? Yep, it's called Vyrt, and it gives fans everywhere up-close and personal access to his band though this "social theater."

He Knows His Apps

The actor told Apple about his favorite apps on iTunes, and we have to say: they're all pretty essential.

First was Viber. "Viber is an easy way to keep in contact with friends when I'm away. Great design. Great UX. They make it easy fun and even funny." Anyone else notice how he says "UX" for user experience? True geek sign right there.

He's also an Uber user. "Now you're never stuck trying to finding a cab in the New York rain or google-ing for a cab number in Berlin or trying to find local dollars in Sydney. Uber lets you order a car right to you, tells you how long until it arrives, and charges directly to your credit card on file. Good sh*t."

What would he do without Instagram? "I started out as a visual artist before I did any other creative arts, so I love that Instagram is about photography and video. It allows me a chance to share my life, quick and easy, from my perspective."

And just like us, he's an avid Yelper. "This is the best app for finding restaurant recommendations all over the world. I've discovered some of my favorite eating spots through Yelp reviews. That's saying a lot from a very picky eater."

He's a Nest Fanatic

You know he loves Nest, the smart thermostat, when he tweets about it.

And Instagrams a picture of it, writing, "Have you seen this before? Best Xmas prez ever."

Obviously, it's another one of his must-have apps: "I can come home from two months on tour, tap my Nest app in the car and have my house toasty for my arrival. Plus it helps you save energy," he said. "Who thought a thermostat could be beautiful?"

Who knew, Jared? And who knew you were such a lovable geek?

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