Fill Your Phone With Android's Most Downloaded Apps of 2014

Everyone has their go-to app, the one they check first thing in the morning and before going to sleep every night. The folks at Google Play have shared the most downloaded apps of 2014, and they are essential to every smartphone user.

Check out the most downloaded Android apps here by category. And for some more can't-live-without app suggestions, check out Apple's App Store Best of 2014; many of the selections are available for Android users as well.

  • Education: Duolingo (free) — The free app has been a consistent superstar for years as a fun and effective way to learn a new language.
  • Social: Facebook (free) — The social network really tried to push users to its Messenger app in 2014, but the people resisted and went with the classic way of accessing Facebook content.
  • Health and Fitness: MyFitnessPal (free) — Health and Fitness was the Android marketplace's top growing category in 2014. MyFitnessPal not only combines fitness and nutrition tracking into one app, but it also syncs with a number of other fitness gadgets and software so all your health data is in one place.
  • Entertainment: Netflix (free with subscription) — With original shows and the ability to binge watch all of Gilmore Girls, the Netflix addiction is very real.
  • Music: Pandora (free) — Despite plenty of music streaming services available today, the original Internet radio, Pandora, remains a fan favorite.
  • Sports: NFL Mobile (free) — Verizon customers benefit the most on this app with access to live games throughout the week.
  • Photography: Flipagram (free) — Curate all those pictures sitting in your phone into video photo collages that are easily shareable across social networks.
  • Travel: TripAdvisor (free) — Get the lowdown on an upcoming trip straight from real travelers who have been there before. Never be fooled by a hotel's fancy marketing pictures again.

Which Android app did you use the most in 2014?