Take a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Comic-Con!

The Comic-Con International: San Diego has its share of struggles, but it's the costumes, the fan experiences, and the very geeky panels that have us coming back for more every year. Take a trip through the 2014 Comic-Con experience with our behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes down when San Diego becomes a geek paradise. Source: Instagram user POPSUGAR Tech

Girls are TAKING OVER #ComicCon this year.

Something about red-hot convertibles . . .

#SDCC achievement unlocked: bag and badge acquired! Lez do this.

Pew pew.

The retro arcade OF YOUR DREAMS.

Aisha Tyler doing her podcast thing with Landon Car . . . er, Shane West.

In their #sdcc debut, #blackmilk previews the new Disney princesses and villains collection. Want it all!

The #HotinCleveland comic is SO good.

Jack Black is R.L. Stine in the Goosebumps movie. We got a first look at the sizzle reel.

RUNNN!! The lines of Comic-Con have officially begun. The #AdventureTime panel crowds wrap all the way to the harbor.

Imagine a #comiccon where everyone had an otter backpack. Dream big, #sdcc

And ONLY at Comic-Con will you see a Lady Rainicorn mom and a BMO baby on a leash.

Call me crazy, but this Patrick vinyl might be my favorite #sdcc collectible.

This is how we're hosting today's episode of #TheSyncUp. Go inside The Walking Dead Escape next week on TVGN!!

Too much shaking because of TATIANA! And Jordan. And Sarah's foster mom.

All right, kiddos. #ComicCon day three . . . Pika pika.

Well, look who it is: Grant Douglas Ward, the traitor.

Benedict Cumberbatch and the rest of #TheHobbit cast is signing at the @wb booth. It is MADNESS.

Meanwhile, @itsnicolenguyen made friends with #Minecraft kid. @popsugarmoms: this is the easiest DIY costume ever! The headpiece is $20 at @target.

Editor @schwarzey got the full @Maccosmetics Marge Simpson treatment! The store sold out of the Comic-Con exclusive set in just ONE HOUR.

Spending the evening with the outdoor Star Trek: Live in Concert. #pinkiesup

Just BLOWN AWAY by this cosplayer's makeup. She said it took her two hours.