Hello Kitty Fans, Prepare to Freak Out Over This Plane

When the shocking news about Hello Kitty's true species dropped, did your phone blow up with texts from concerned friends? Is your room decked out in pink bows and cute sayings? Have you, at any point in your life, owned a bubblegum-pink kitchen appliance? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're probably a massive Hello Kitty fan. Therefore, prepare to freak out over EVA Air's newest airplane: the Hello Kitty Jet.

The Taiwanese airline debuted the Sanrio aircraft in 2013, but in celebration of the famous cartoon's 40-year anniversary, the plane is now making flights from Paris to Taipei. If you find yourself on one of these voyages, don't expect the Hello Kitty fun to stop at the plane's paint job — every aspect of travel on the jet is influenced by the namesake cartoon. From pink headrests to a Kitty-clad flight crew, EVA Air's Sanrio flights are a totally immersive experience. Take a look at the plane and start packing your bags. Source: Flickr user 100824800@N07

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Thanks to the airline's commitment to the theme, you can check in for your flight using a pink Hello Kitty kiosk.


Unlike the stale, boring airplane food to which airline regulars have grown accustomed, the Hello Kitty flights offer themed munchies. The food's bright colors and cute packaging delight fans of the equally cute cartoon franchise.

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Passengers aboard the jet can rest their heads on pink cushion covers and eat their Hello Kitty meals with themed utensils.

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Another look at EVA Air's Hello Kitty terminal.


The flight crew aboard the Hello Kitty jet dons pink uniforms that feature the cute cartoon herself.

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EVA Air has Hello Kitty airport terminals, beginning the excitement before passengers even board the Sanrio jet.

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Here's another look at the jet's bright exterior.

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There are many exclusive Hello Kitty souvenirs available through EVA Air, including watches and plush toys.


EVA Air's brochure for the Hello Kitty flight experience reflects the adorable fun that passengers aboard the jet will experience during their travels.